Cosmos: A Windows utility mashup

Cosmos, the newest product by, combines a cleaner, optimizer, and security program, all in a single dashboard.

Introducing Cosmos,'s brand-new suite of system care tools that's meant to clean, optimize, and secure your Windows PC.

As is typical with products, much of the functionality of Cosmos is wrapped in a single, comprehensive dashboard. There are a few tabs and panels, but no exhaustive drop-down menus (thank goodness). Overall, this design seems to suit Cosmos quite well, as it makes the program more visual and easier to use.

Everything Cosmos has to offer is broken down in the tabs along the left side of the interface: Security and Privacy, Backup and Recovery, Disk Optimizers, Windows Optimizers, Registry Optimizers, Other Utilities, and All Tools. With the way its tools are broken down, Cosmos makes it easy to go in and perform only the operations you need. Otherwise, when you first install Cosmos, you can go through a one-click checkup, which scans your computer for security issues, cleans your computer, and optimizes it, all in one fell swoop.

Cosmos comes in a free edition (download) and a professional edition (download) for 49.99. You can try the professional edition free for 15 days.