Comixology on Android graduates to next level

Comics by Comixology is the most popular comics-reading mobile app around, and the new features that came to iOS last fall are now available for Android.

Comixology's Comics 3.0 for Android. (Credit: Comixology)

A new interface designed to emphasize creators and book discoverability arrived today in Comixology's Comics app (download).

Comics 3.0 brings to Android the changes that people with iPhones and iPads got last fall. Chief among these is a redesign that allows Comixology to make the app more usable, but in fact the app has been entirely re-coded.

The new layout, download speeds, and searchability are a key part of Comixology's "download once, read anywhere" strategy, co-founder and CEO David Steinberger said in a statement. The app loads noticeably faster than before, offers expanded categories for new books, storyline, and series listings, and creates a Purchases tab separate from My Comics. This allows you to more easily manage the books that you store locally, and those that you want to keep on Comixology's servers.

Two features now available on iPads that haven't made it to the Android version are high-resolution comics and social network sharing. The resolution issue is a factor entirely related to hardware and the new iPad's Retina technology. Sharing, however, only just came to the iOS app, so it'll likely land in the Android version before Android devices get high-pixel density screens required.