Collect iTunes cover art with CoverScout

The Cover Flow feature in iTunes is pretty neat...unless you don't have any cover art! Check out this program which seeks out cover art using several different methods to bring back Cover Flow as the cool way to browse music on the Mac.

When Cover Flow for iTunes was first introduced, I was initially pretty excited. After all, who wouldn't want to browse through their music and movies by flipping through covers? It's almost like flipping through records or CDs at a music store. But once I got Cover Flow up on screen with iTunes, I was faced with something I'm sure a lot of people experienced--there were so few album covers associated with my music library, Cover Flow was almost useless. I've been able to add many covers to my library since, but I still had gaping sections where no cover art would show up at all.

Perform multiple searches simultaneously to fill in the blanks of your album art quickly. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Well, I have good news: there's a program available which will search several online databases to track down cover art for you, and does many more cool things to bring back that CD-flipping feeling of old to Cover Flow. It's called CoverScout, and though you will have to pay to register after a trial period, it really goes the extra mile to fill in the blanks of your music library. Like other programs of this type, it searches the database for matches, but CoverScout searches Google images too and can perform multiple searches simultaneously. It can also seek out art for singles and compilations with its advanced search system, so you're not limited to just the main stream albums. What's more, even if CoverScout can't find what you're looking for, you can use it to snap a picture of your CD cover with your Webcam or iSight camera to fill the art in manually. CoverScout supports iTunes, the iPhone, iPod Touch, and even the Apple TV.

Choose from multiple search results to find the exact cover you're looking for. (Credit: CNET Networks)

If you're like me, you probably thought Cover Flow was great until you actually saw how few albums were represented from your library. With CoverScout, you can breath new life into your iTunes music library and flip through your albums the way Cover Flow was meant to be used.

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