Cocoon now sheathes you in IE, too

Cocoon extends its protective casing for you and your Internet habits to Internet Explorer users in a new beta. Along with IP address masking and anonymous browsing, you get secure Wi-Fi, e-mail on-the-fly, and antivirus scanning.

Cocoon for IE looks and works like Cocoon for Firefox. (Credit: Cocoon)

The Cocoon add-on for Firefox rounded up a bunch of highly useful security features and presented them to you in one tight package. Cocoon has come to Internet Explorer, and it's available exclusively on today.

The first beta of Cocoon for Internet Explorer ports the add-on's entire feature set from Firefox to IE, and it'll work on IE8 and IE9 as far back as Windows XP. Features included are IP address anonymising, antivirus scanning of downloads, malware blocking, on-the-fly disposable e-mail addresses, secure public Wi-Fi, and encrypted browsing history.

After it's been installed, you can turn on Cocoon at will to get at its protection toys, and then deactivate it to browse normally. I detected no lags in browsing with it on, though, so once it leaves beta it might become one of the best security add-ons for IE. What's holding it back? Currently, the beta version has problems with cookie management when logging into some services.

iOS and Android versions are on their way, although the iOS version is expected to be finished first. Rather than present the features in an add-on, the iOS version will be a standalone browser. Interestingly, Cocoon is looking at both add-on and standalone browsing solutions for Android.

Cocoon will soon move to an ad-supported business model, said COO Vernon Irvin. "We will start rolling out some ads on our home page and other Cocoon pages in the future, but it's not targeted advertising and it won't track you in anyway because cookies get dropped into Cocoon, not into your browser."