Closing a pop-up? Nix the "X"

Unwanted pop-ups keep downloading malware onto Patricia's family's computer. She knows how to stop it. Do you? Test your knowledge in this week's Spyware Horror Story.

"I dabble in a high-risk area of the 'Net...I click links for money. That, in itself, opens me to tons of security issues."

So begins Patricia's personal Spyware Horror Story (see all.)

But despite the risk, it's Patricia's family that faces undoing, not by a devastating link, but by a harmless-looking "X" button on a sinister pop-up window. Patricia knows how to cap the pop-up--do you? Test your knowledge in "Nix the 'X'."

About Jessica Dolcourt

Jessica Dolcourt reviews smartphones and cell phones, covers handset news, and pens the monthly column Smartphones Unlocked. A senior editor, she started at CNET in 2006 and spent four years reviewing mobile and desktop software before taking on devices.