Chrome sparkles with Flash

Join us as Chrome and Gecko face off in the "who's-got-the-more-impressive-update?" challenge.

Although Apple has famously denounced Adobe's Flash technology as being obsolete, Google's actions suggest it begs to differ. The Google Chrome Web browser now offers a "flashier" Web experience by incorporating Adobe Flash into its arsenal of features.

On the Mozilla side of things, the app-maker most known for Firefox has just released Thunderbird 3.1. It's a minor update, but it is still an important one that fixes multiple bugs and adds features like a quick filter and migration assistant that imports your profile from Mozilla or Netscape automatically. This new version of the high-flying e-mail program also promises search, a download manager, and improved performance. Mozilla also gives its Web browser its own update. Firefox 3.6.4 features "Lorentz", a code name for its Out-of-Process Plug-in that saves the Web browser from completely crashing when plug-ins are going haywire.

Offering a quick way to get a suite of useful Microsoft apps for your PC, Microsoft has made the beta version of Windows Live Essentials available to the public. With the updated package of apps comes tighter integration with Microsoft's Web apps like the Microsoft Office online docs, social-networking apps, and blogging tools.

Last but not least, if you missed the tumultuous release of the iPhone 4 last Thursday, check out our iPhone page for all things iPhone 4!