Check out those pores: Skype goes high-def

Is that a zit? This and other hygiene questions could be coming to Facebook, courtesy Skype, the Windows app goes HD and gets Facebook audio and video chat.

If you don't take care of your skin, it could come up in your next Skype conversation, as Skype for Windows (download) updated today with support for high-def resolution.

The new version of the VoIP software also gets Facebook audio and video chat, the power to share screens with more than one person, a push-to-talk option, Bing Bar integration, and a new software updating service for automatic updates.

The high-def isn't available to just anybody, of course. You'll have to have a Logitech C920 Webcam and an upload/download speed of at least 2 Mbps. Skype explained in a blog post announcing the update that the Logitech Webcam encodes the video inside the camera, so older computers will be able to handle the higher resolution video.

Facebook integration, which is in beta, now allows you to call your Facebook contacts even if they don't have Skype accounts. Thankfully, you can hide Facebook friends who aren't logged in.

The new "push to talk" option, available under the Advanced section of the Options menu, lets you set a hotkey to toggle microphone muting during a call. Apparently, it was heavily requested by gamers, but it could be quite useful for conference calls that don't take place in World of Warcaft, too.

The group screen sharing is restricted to Skype Premium, but it is an interesting feature because it will allow you to share your full screen or just a single application window.