CCleaner keeps Power Downloader running lean

Regular maintenance is one of Power Downloader's secrets for keeping his computer in top working order. Popular utility Ccleaner helps Power get rid of his system's junk.

Power Downloader cleans his PC with Ccleaner

Like anyone who spends a lot of time in front of his computer screen, Power Downloader knows that over time, computers can start to get sluggish. There are a variety of reasons for this phenomenon, including the more dangerous issues of spyware and viruses. However, even the most protected computers suffer slowdown from lack of regular system maintenance. Power knows regular tune-ups are crucial to keeping his system in tip-top shape, so in addition to checking for spyware and viruses and regularly defragging his hard drive, he uses the popular optimizing software CCleaner.

Regular Internet surfing, even on only the safest of sites, will cause a slowdown over time. Every page viewed in a Web browser is usually saved to your Internet cache locally so your browser can quickly load the page again. Temporary files collect in your computer's system, making your computer less efficient. Power Downloader surfs hundreds of Web sites every day in his ongoing search for software, so it's easy to imagine that his Internet cache fills up quickly. To make sure his system is running at its full potential, Power uses CCleaner once a week. With CCleaner, Power can easily pinpoint the areas he wants to clean. Along with his Internet cache, Power can easily get rid of his browser history, temporary files, and leftover remnants in his recycle bin. Taking his maintenance a step further, Power can switch to the Issues tab in CCleaner to clean out unused file extensions and fix his registry.

Regardless of how much you surf the Web, your Windows system will eventually collect a lot of files you don't need. With CCleaner as a part of Power Downloader's regular maintenance, he can make sure his system is always running at its best.

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