Bug yourself with fancy phone notes

BugMe Notepad for Windows Mobile 5 and Palm is a classic note-taking app that lets you get creative with free form note-taking, photo importing, and audio reminders.

Sure, the iPhone and all those whiz-bang Nokia crowd-pleasers have users in their thrall, but that doesn't mean you should feel bad with the something else you've got. While searching for cool software for a Palm Treo 650, I discovered a productivity oldie that has yet to crumble into the dust of antiquity.

For Palm, and Windows Mobile 5 and 2003, BugMe Notepad is a handy, feature-rich note-taking app that comes with a companion for annotating screenshots pretty much how you like. For some, that means typing text in various colors. For others, importing a photo and scrawling a note in your own shaky hand is preferred.

With BugMe Notepad, you can also record a voice note and set custom, even repeated alarms. Erasing part of a note, trashing a note, and scrolling through your notes library are all easily achieved by tapping clearly defined icons on the app's interface.

These features boost BugMe Notepad over native memo and task apps that stop after giving you a blank slate and an alarm schedule to hook to it, but it's not as cost-effective as I'd like. If you're the kind of person who absolutely relies on notes and alarms, the $19.95 could for you be a wise investment. If you're not sure what your mobile note needs are, the free trial gives you seven days to test it out and come to a decision, though you only get three notes to make up your mind.

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