BreadCrumbz G1 Android app plots Point A to Point B

The Google Android app BreadCrumbz uses photos, GPS, and your feet to create routes for yourself or for friends.


BreadCrumbz (beta) is another one of the new Android apps I like. I got a run-through of the free multimedia directions app a few months ago with the developer, and I gave it a spin on my own here in San Francisco. BreadCrumbz uses GPS, Google maps, and the G1's camera phone to help you track a route, like directions from the train station to your house.

You essentially start a new route, take photos along the way to mark the path, and label everything with helpful hints. You can tag an image and annotate it with an arrow or other signs to show your viewers what they're looking at; for instance, the hidden staircase leading to that exclusive restaurant. Voice recording will come in time, but right now the button goes nowhere.

BreadCrumbz also clocks the distance and walking or driving time between points, to give whoever plays the route a gauge. The context menu pulls up more options to plot yourself on a map and get an animated compass. Mapped directions is another feature that's still to come.

You'll need to sign up for a BreadCrumz account to share the image, which is something you can do from the phone interface. Regardless, you can save routes to the phone memory or expansion card for later retrieval.

BreadCrumbz requires some effort up front to plot and annotate the route, but you or whoever you send it to will be happy for the detail when the route takes the ambiguity out of directions from Point A to Point B.

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