BlackBerry Storm to get LogMeIn remote access

Remote-access application LogMeIn Ignition, to enable users to read documents stored on their PC, is in alpha mode, but users can sign up for the beta test wait list.

LogMeIn Ignition on BlackBerry Storm

LogMeIn has had its hands in many cookie jars, from the desktop to the iPhone--a good thing, if you've ever needed to view your computer files remotely by way of your mobile phone.

At the WES 2009 conference for BlackBerry on Tuesday, May 5, 2009, LogMeIn announced that a version of LogMeIn is being developed for the touch-screen BlackBerry Storm.

While still in its alpha stage, LogMeIn Ignition for Storm will turn on remote access for computer files and programs. Storm owners will be able to peer into Windows computers that also run LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Free, or LogMeIn IT Reach.

Mac OS X owners will need LogMeIn Free to get LogMeIn Ignition thrumming on the Storm. The application will also save passwords and will include LogMeIn's customary 256-bit SSL encryption.

While LogMeIn hasn't shared any beta release dates with us, you can sign up in advance here. LogMeIn Ignition typically costs about $40 for a yearlong subscription or $8 per month for remote access to your computers from the mobile phone.

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