BlackBerry Radio: Coming to a music phone near you

BlackBerry Radio integrates multiple radio apps to make the process of finding and listening to radio on your smartphone quicker and easier, with a closer-to-seamless approach to discovering and enjoying music.

BlackBerry Radio

If you count yourself among the select members of BlackBerry's Beta Zone, you may be in for a musical treat this afternoon. RIM announced via its BlackBerry blog an upcoming radio discovery application that will be set for beta testing later today. The aim of the app, dubbed BlackBerry Radio, is to provide a straightforward way to access multiple mobile radio services within a single, streamlined interface.

In this way, BlackBerry Radio doesn't intend to compete with existing standalone radio apps. Instead, it pulls in music feeds from various other programs in an attempt to make finding and listening to radio on your phone a quicker and easier process. So, for example, if you want to listen to rock, you can dive down into that genre and be presented with options from various Internet services (Slacker among them) and even terrestrial radio.

BlackBerry Radio also attempts to offer a seamless way for listeners to connect with services they may not have heard of previously. For instance, you can download the premium Slacker app with one click within the BlackBerry Radio interface. Further, the app integrates with the onboard BlackBerry media player; you can access the app from the music player as well as purchase discovered music directly from Amazon MP3.

BlackBerry Beta Zone members will have an opportunity to test out the app and provide feedback. As of now, RIM has not provided a final release date for the rest of its U.S. customers.