Bitdefender drops the number and goes Photon on your PC

New features in its 2014 version help Bitdefender Total Security adapt to your system's performance and maximize speed and efficiency.

Today, Bitdefender released the 2014 version of its flagship Bitdefender Total Security product, replete with an interface redesign, adaptive technology, and noticeably absent version-number attribution.

With this year's release of Total Security comes the debut of Bitdefender Photon, an adaptive technology that aims to optimize the speed and performance of your PC as it adjusts to your computer.

Photon was actually introduced earlier in Bitdefender 2013, but since then the company has made major improvements while minimally impacting performance. Now, Photon officially becomes its own product component.

Bitdefender Total Security also introduces an online credential aid called Wallet. Not to be confused with Google's shopping and payment service, Bitdefender Wallet works more like Keypass; it encrypts and secures sensitive credentials for online banking activities and other password-sensitive services. Bitdefender Wallet is also accompanied by Photon and a redesigned reporting tool.

Other changes include enhanced anti-spam features--with operations now fully carried out over the cloud--as well as an improved Parental Control module.

Bitdefender has claimed that these improvements have all led to higher scores on security benchmarks like AV-test. Until the final version comes, we'll have to see how the latest version fares, especially with Photon's touted adaptation. In the meantime, head on over to to grab Bitdefender Total Security for Windows.

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