Bitdefender builds a safer browser

The 2013 version of Bitdefender hands you a locked-down browser for safer financial transactions while debuting remote controls for both Windows and Android.

Bitdefender's line of 2013 suites launches today with a new secure browser for performing financial transactions in the browser equivalent of a safe room.

You can download Bitdefender Total Security 2013, Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 , and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 exclusively from today.

The company's Safepay browser is the keystone new feature in this year's edition. The browser takes existing sandboxing technology and closes off the rest of your operating system as it creates a safe space for you to browse the Web. The focus here is on virtualization, not speed or features.

You can set it to launch when you open a specific bookmark, or jump directly into it. It offers a virtual keyboard and Wi-Fi hot spot protection, as well.

Last year's Total Security earned an Editor's Choice award, and while we're waiting for the competition to weigh in, the 2013 version appears to be equally solid. There's new remote control for managing virus definitions, adding social network protection, and accessing your secure cloud storage. Parental controls have been beefed up, the Safebox cloud storage now allows file sharing, the interface is more customizable, and a new antitheft option lets you track the whereabouts about a missing device or laptop.

Bitdefender costs slightly less than some competitors such as Norton and Kaspersky. Antivirus Plus retails for $39.95, Internet Security runs $49.95, and Total Security lands at $69.95, so if you're inclined to pay for your computer security, these are a fairly decent value.

Full reviews of all three suites will be available on later today.