Big news for Windows 8 and a brand-new Firefox

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Confirming months of rumors, an app store, much like Apple's App Store for OS X, has officially been listed among the features Microsoft is working to include in Windows 8. The revelation came last week from Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky in a Building Windows 8 blog titled, "Introducing the team." Among a list of teams associated with building the forthcoming operating system was, you guessed it, "App Store." Read up on all the details here.

In other news, Mozilla pushed Firefox 6 out the door last week, updating the vast majority of its users to the browser's latest stable build. The new version is competitively fast, sports a new minimalist look, and includes some excellently executed features such as support for Mozilla's new Add-on SDK and GPU hardware acceleration. If you haven't updated already, you can check out our review and download the new build here.