Best extensions for Firefox 2

The latest update of Mozilla Firefox incorporates features from some of the best extensions, but it's still not enough. We want more!

Best extensions for Firefox 2

One of the greatest facets of Mozilla Firefox (download it from CNET is the ability to tweak the interface and browser features to your heart's content via application settings (such as about:config) or via add-ons such as extensions and themes.

Version 2 added some of the best features from some of the best extensions for 1.x, such as session saving, spell checking, and search-engine management, but it's not enough. Where's my weather forecast and tool for downloading videos from YouTube? Well, those features and much, much more are available via extensions, and we've selected our 10 favorites for Firefox 2 in an easy-to-digest collection that might have you installing them all.

Tab Mix Plus click options

My two favorites from the list are likely MR Tech Local Install and Tab Mix Plus. I can't quite imagine living without them. For the Restart Firefox file-menu option alone, MR Tech Local Install is invaluable, and Tab Mix Plus picks up where the regular Firefox tab options stop. It lets you get rid of those silly new tab scroll buttons and put tabs into multiple rows where they belong. It also lets you scroll through tabs with your mouse wheel and customize the Alt+click, Shift+click, Ctrl+click, middle-click, and double-click actions for individual tabs and the tab bar. Most importantly for me, it lets me specify that Ctrl+Tab works like Alt+Tab for Windows. That is, I can switch back and forth between two tabs without cycling through the rest. Genius!

Check out our selection of the best extensions for Firefox 2, and be sure to let us know about your own personal picks for our next collection of user favorites.

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