Benchmark battle: Which browser loads fastest?

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There's no doubt the latest crop of stable browsers from Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are the best the companies have ever produced. But how do they perform when tested under identical conditions? CNET compared Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, looking at the results of a gantlet of benchmarks that considered JavaScript and HTML5 performance, as well as boot times and memory usage. (Opera and Safari were not tested because they have not been updated recently, nor have they implemented hardware acceleration close to the level that the other three browsers have.) If you've recently downloaded Mozilla's latest and are looking to make the most of it, check out our collection of how-to tips for Firefox 4. Not to be left in the dust, we've also got tips for IE9. And just in case you're wondering how the two latest releases did against each other, well, let's just say the first 24-hour download tallies of Firefox 4 vs. IE 9 are a pretty good indication of which way the market is turning when it comes to browser use.