Apps, glorious apps

We showcase over a dozen new or updated apps for your Windows desktop.

It's been an eventful week in the glorious world of software, and we've decided to showcase more than a dozen new or updated apps for your Windows desktop. Some are updates to well-known programs, and some are brand new recruits we think you'll like, so let's jump right in.

Microsoft announced Friday that it has (finally) finalized Office 2010, which also includes 2010 versions of SharePoint, Visio, and Project on top of the Office productivity suite. (Read our First Take of Office 2010 here.) Businesses will be able to start buying up copies of Office in May.

Renowned archiver WinZip take a cue from Microsoft's design team and adds an Office-like navigation ribbon it its app. See it in action in our First Look video.

In other Microsoft news, the software giant debuted a beta of an online and desktop combination service it's calling the Fix it Center, which will bring Windows 7-like diagnostics to Vista and XP machines. We have an overview of its Fix it Center here.

Security vendor Symantec has jumped the gun with early releases of Norton Internet Security betas for 2011. Is it just us, or has it only been a few months since Symantec released its security software for 2010? No matter, the curious (or dissatisfied) can see what's in store for next year's Norton. We give you the run-down and the beta downloads here.

On the social front, Cerulean Studios pushed out Trillian 4.2 beta, a follow-up to one of a pioneer in the multinetwork IM space. Trillian 4.2 beta further embellishes its core role of instant messaging friends from multiple chat networks with a few new extras, including one lookup that can save you time and hassle.

We recently spent some time with a free Outlook add-on that you should consider if you spend a lot of time in Google Docs. Harmony for Google Docs lets you read, create, edit, and share Web-based Google Documents from the convenience of Outlook's reading pane. There's also a version for Microsoft SharePoint users.

To wrap up this apps showcase is a brand-new Windows app called qStatus that lets you quickly update Facebook or Twitter messages directly from your desktop, not unlike Twitter-only efforts like Seesmic Desktop, Twhirl, and TweetDeck.

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