Apple quietly releases iTunes 10.2

Amid all the news of the iPad 2 launch day, Apple released an update to iTunes, making it compatible with the coming iOS update.

iTunes 10.2

Amid all the news of the iPad 2 today, Apple quietly released iTunes 10.2 (Windows and Mac), readying the software by adding compatibility for syncing with iOS devices ahead of the coming release of iOS 4.3 next Friday. For the full breakdown of what's coming in iOS 4.3, read our coverage.

Along with compatibility with the latest iOS, the iTunes 10.2 update includes improved home sharing, which means you'll be able to play music and other iTunes content on other computers in your network and on any iOS device (running iOS 4.3) tied to the account.

The update also adds security fixes related to ImageIO, libxml, and WebKit. These security fixes are for machines running Windows 7, Vista, and XP Service Pack 2 or later.

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