Apple gets social in iTunes 10

Get all the latest and greatest news from This week, we highlight version 10 of Apple iTunes, developments in Canary, and a CNET News app for Android.

The big news all over the tech world last week was Apple's annual music event in San Francisco. As expected, the company launched a major refresh to its iPod line and gave its multimedia jukebox behemoth iTunes an update. The software revved to version 10, but the changes were pretty minimal in the eyes of most. Along with an updated logo, Apple gave iTunes a social feature called Ping and the capability to rent TV shows for 99-cents a pop.

In the Web browser space, we received some noteworthy news when the developers' edition of Google Chrome, dubbed Canary, gained a new "labs" option for users to explore on Wednesday. The first feature to land in the lab is Side Tabs, which will move your tabs into a vertical column on the left of the browser. In related news, we learned that Internet Explorer usage is back on the decline, according to data from last month, while Chrome resumes its growth in market share.

Finally--and of particular interest to the CNET-faithful--we've finally debuted our CNET News app for Android. It offers an identical-but-Androidified feature set to its iOS twin, and you can find it by searching in the Android Marketplace.