Angry Birds receives major update

Angry Birds received a major update among all the iOS 4 hoopla. We found the iPhone update, but the iPad version may be slowed because of the iOS update.

With all the iOS 4 news today, both good and bad, you may not have seen the major update to one of the most popular games at the iTunes App Store. Angry Birds just received a bunch of new tweaks including 15 new levels, a new theme, enhancements to the interface menus, and new golden egg levels.

The press release we received mentioned that both Angry Birds (for iPhone) and Angry Birds HD (for iPad) were updated to 1.3.3, but at the time of this writing, only the iPhone version seems to have updated in the iTunes Store. With the iOS 4 update launching today, we think iTunes may be a bit sluggish, but this free update to Angry Birds will be worth checking back for iPad users when the traffic has slowed down a bit.

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