Add election results into Firefox with RSS Ticker

If you want to watch YouTube comedy while the U.S. election drama unfolds, stay updated with a nifty Firefox extension. Learn more and find or contribute RSS resources for best election results coverage.

Yesterday, Jessica Dolcourt provided four great applications for tracking U.S. election results online. I wanted to quickly follow up with a short word about my favorite RSS ticker tool, the simply named Mozilla Firefox add-on RSS Ticker, currently at version 2.0.3.

If you want to work, chat, watch videos, listen to music, or do any other fun Internet stuff instead of tracking election results constantly on news sites, RSS Ticker provides a nifty way of keeping up with breaking election news via a nonintrusive ticker that runs across the bottom of Firefox's interface, below your status bar.

RSS Ticker
After two years of presidential electioneering, a dog saving kittens is the kind of news I need.

RSS Ticker installs like any other Firefox extension, with a pop-up window after you allow to install add-ons to Firefox. If you have trouble, save the .xpi file locally, and then open it from Firefox.

RSS Ticker
The Feeds tab of the RSS Ticker options makes it simple to see which feeds are included in the scrolling ticker.

After the RSS Ticker extension is installed and Firefox is restarted, RSS Ticker will automatically scrape all of your bookmarks for XML feeds and display them in ticker fashion. If you have a lot of RSS feeds in your bookmarks, the first thing you'll want to do is go to Tools -> Extension Options -> RSS Ticker, then click the Feeds button to decide which specific feeds you want included in the ticker.

The RSS Ticker options menu also lets you adjust the speed and frequency of the ticker, reposition it (it can also be placed under your bookmarks toolbar), disable the ticker, adjust the width of individual news items, and additional customizations.

If you're looking for RSS feeds to track the presidential election, Google is obviously a huge resource (as is the company's online RSS app, Google Reader), but here are a few selections that I have in my ticker:

  • CBS News politics feed (disclaimer: CBS owns CNET)
  • CBS News "Horse Race" feed
  • CNET Politics and Law blog
  • ABC News politics feed
  • Fox News politics feed
  • MSNBC Decision '08 feed
  • What are some of your favorite RSS political sources? Tell us about them in the comments.

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