Ad-Aware's 2010 security bid

The popular Ad-Aware security app updates, but doesn't overhaul, for 2010. Google Chrome browser users can look forward to trying out the Web of Trust security add-on on a dev version of Chrome.

One by one, the major Windows security vendors have been updating their antivirus apps and suites to protect against malware. Lavasoft is the latest, but you'll likely know this company better by its flagship product, Ad-Aware.

Like many of the other security apps that have updated for 2010, Ad-Aware 8.1 (download) boasts faster speeds and an engine that detects malware not just by definitions, but by suspicious behavior, too. As with its competitors, Ad-Aware has a three-tiered setup that includes a free version and two premium levels.

Speaking of security, the Google Chrome browser received a new extension aimed at keeping Chrome surfers from wandering to dodgy sites. The free Web of Trust add-on, which is already in use on Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, isn't quite ready for prime time yet, but the adventurous can try it out on the developer preview version of Chrome.

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