A Scoregasmic shooter

Scoregasm is a hectic, flashy, indie shooter that executes the "shmup" style with finesse.

Everyone loves explosions, massive damages, and score counters. The wonderful combination of dazzling particle effects, insane combo numbers, and simple gameplay is been a tried-and-true formula that slot casinos swear by. Scoregasm, by Charlie's Games, appeals to players by drawing on these ingredients to keep engagements fresh and execution hot.

Scoregasm treats players to frantic, detailed visuals. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

For those who are new to the shoot-'em-up scene, the rules are simple: destroy everything and do not get hit. Enemies will throw enough onscreen bullets at you to make your eyes water and you'll score numbers that will only matter to the most hard-core players. Lately, there's been a transition to more multidirectional shooting, popularized by such games as PewPew and Geometry Wars, taking full advantage of the dual analog/mouse-and-keyboard setups players use today.

In the full version, there are many worlds, each with its own additional challenges. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

In this demo, players are treated to a healthy number of levels and weapons and some exposure to Scoregasm's mechanics. In addition to standard weapon power-ups (like triple shots, lasers, and chain shots), there are screen-clearing bombs to help fend off the massive enemy waves. Scoregasm also includes a "melee" attack, which creates a mini EMP-like shock wave that destroys enemies and wipes out nearby bullets. Your arsenal may sound impressive, but players will need every bit of firepower if they want to keep their chain combos and survive.

After earning massive chain combos, players trigger a climactic payout of enemy numbers. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

Appropriately given the game's name, each level brings a climactic onslaught of enemies (complete with new spawn points and pulsating lights) when you reach combo milestones and hit targets. After completing each level, players have a choice of a more difficult or slightly easier portal to warp to on a world map that shouts "throwback to Star Fox 64."

Check out this stellar indie title and hit up the Scoregasm demo download for a run.

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