A safer LimeWire?

This week's Windows newsletter explores LimeWire's step toward improved safety measures in its P2P app, and checks out a new feature in the VoIP and chat app VoxOx.

For years, many have regarded LimeWire with suspicion, and its peer-to-peer transactions as something one enters at their own risk. Indeed, though the software itself is malware-free, enough people have encountered illegitimate and pernicious files from other LimeWire users that the file-sharing program has developed a bad reputation.

LimeWire is aware of the perception, too, which is why it partnered with AVG to bring malware-scanning to the app. There is a catch, of course. AVG will only scan downloads for LimeWire Pro customers. A $35-per-year subscription gets you faster downloads and better technical support in addition to those AVG-enhanced security features. The upgrade may not be necessary for those whose security suites already include download scanning, but for those heavy LimeWire users with limited antivirus protection, the added peace of mind could go a long way.

Last week, VoxOx, an upstart VoIP and multinetwork chat app added an interesting feature that translates text on the fly. While it worked fairly well in our tests, the highly literal translations lacked nuance. Still, translation is a neat addition that could help foreign friends communicate with fewer hiccups.

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