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  • War never ends while people are alive. But sometime the last war will come, your war.
  • Last updated on 10/23/2020
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War never ends while people are alive. But sometime the last war will come, your war.

War never ends while people are alive! But sometime the last war will come, your war ... In this world there are no more rules and laws, no more states and empires, the whole world is crumbling under your feet. Humanity has made a terrible mistake, its last mistake.

In 2036, an innovative teleportation technology was tested in Earth orbit. During the test, a meteorite fragment hit the accelerator, thereby knocking down the teleport settings. The device turned on at full power and, instead of sending a test drone, opened a window into a parallel universe, where the cosmic hell was raging. In a matter of days, most of humanity turned into the living dead. Our planet fell apart, and was torn from the energy of evil. Only the most adapted to the conditions of hell survived, these are soldiers.

You are one of them! You need to stay alive as long as possible, collect equipment, fight hordes of the dead, fight with other squads for resources. In your squad there will always be the souls of your fallen brothers, collect from them a column as much as possible. And remember that if there is HELL, then there is PARADISE.

In the lower left corner there is a joystick with which you can guide your hero.

By clicking on the button in the lower right corner, you will accelerate, but you will lose souls from the end of your column. You cannot collect resources during acceleration.

In the upper right corner you will see a radar, it displays the appearance of nearby resources.

Do not come to the edge, otherwise you will perish.

Do not bump into the columns of other units, otherwise you will die.

If the living dead crashes into a character, the dead will die.

If the living dead crashes into the right or left side of the main character, you will die.

Create a circular defense with the help of your column, so you can secure your hero for a while.

Ahead of other units, if they crash into your column they will die.

When time runs out - everything will disappear.

You have a choice between two game modes: with a timer and without a timer.

You can enter your name, and it will become the name of your squad.

You can choose the color of one of the three fractions; gray, blue, green.

Backgrounds change randomly so that you do not relax.

In the main menu, you can turn off the sound, as well as go to the selection of the joystick and choose one of six colors; white, blue, red, yellow, orange and purple.

In the main menu you will see your current and best result.

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