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Animal Sounds For Kids Best Animals App for iOS

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  • Teaching Animals made fun.
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Developer's Description

Teaching Animals made fun.

Animal Sounds For Kids Best Animals App is a simple and exciting English learning game for your kids. Animal sounds are used to get the attention of the kids to learn English Alphabets and English words.

Animals Sound For Kids Best Animal Apps will introduce the amazing animals of our world to your kids, with the educational process being funny and excessively interesting. It has many animals for kids to interact with, with no effort, toddlers will learn to recognize animals with their names, and how to spell and learn the alphabets complete with sounds.

Animal Sounds For Kids Learning Animals will help you as a parent to teach the animals, zoo animals and as farm animals to your children while having fun.

Advantages of the Game:

- The game will easily teach your child several animals for kids. The animals are illustrated in such a way that they take interest in learning and interacting with them. The animal sounds for kids makes it very interesting.

-Your child will get to form the animal by playing a puzzle game. This enables them to improve their cognitive skills along with improvement to their problem solving skills.

- Each animal comes with its real sound whereby your kid will be able to relate to each animal and animal name complete with its sound. The learning, which engages more senses, will make the development of their brain ever faster.

- A fascinating jungle like environment is set up by introducing insects around the animal letting your child to interact with the animal. The funny squeaking sounds along with the giggles made by the animals with their sounds brighten up the game to keep your child encouraged to learn.

- Your child is taught how to form words by reading out letters one by one. When the name of the animal is formed they are spelt for your child.

How to Play:

- After you open the app you will be shown a menu with several animals. Let your child click any animal of choice.

- Learn how to recognize shapes and form the animal by playing the puzzle game. Drag each puzzle piece to its right place. This will let your kid learn to match.

- Once the Puzzle game is complete your child will get to play with the animal and interact with them with the insects that shows up randomly. When they interact with the insects and place them on the animal, the animal will make its sound and giggle.

- Once he or she is satisfied it will take you to start forming the animals name by showing letter by letter and reading the letter. Play the anagram until the whole word is formed. The game will spell the name of the animal and read the name of the animal for you.

- Parents can control the speed of reading. As the child improves you can turn off the hint and increase the speed.

Small kids often have troubles identifying and naming animals and animal sounds. The game allows the pre-schooler not only to learn his or her animals, but also to correlate them with its sound. It is very important for children 4 years old and under to notice the visual differences between animals and different sounds. The best way to help them remember the new information is through playing games and using the interactive animals. A great idea for parents would be to speak out the names of the object seen on the screen. You can even let them learn the insects that appear along with each animal.

Such training can contribute to the cognitive development of your child by improving his or her memory and logical thinking along with the vocabulary.

We have crafted the Toddlers Animals application in such a way that interacting with devices can be connected positively to enable your child for a very early learning experience making your child to be at the forefront.


-Decorate your Animals.

- Listen to animal sounds

-Play a simple puzzle games

-Learn letters and English Alphabets

-Learn word formation

-Perfect for 2 4 year olds

-Discounted premium version