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  • Angels: Wht r th...
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Angels: Wht r th...

Angels: Wht r th?

Angl r everywhere n td' society. They are depicted frequently in television shows, movies and bk. Th r pinned to ur ll and hng frm our rr-vw mirrors. Th are traditionally vwd "guardians" tht rtt ur hm nd hldrn. But wht mth and wht is rlt? Where do angels m from?

Angl: Srvnt of Gd

Angl r rvnt of God tht help carry ut His commands. Angels are rl spiritual beings tht r documented throughout th Bbl. Th r dumntd n bth th Old and Nw Ttmnt. Whl Gd' ngl rr out H commands, th Bbl also tll u tht there a supreme, flln angel wh gnt Gd (Matthew 25:41) nd other ngl that r evil nd face Gd' unhmnt (Jude 1:6). Angl r l mngr f God. Fr xml, after th rurrtn f Jesus Christ from the tmb, "th ngl said to th wmn, 'Do not b afraid, for I knw u r lkng fr Ju, who w rufd'" (Matthew 28:5). Th physical descriptions f angels hv l bn dumntd in the Bbl nd history: "H rn was like lightening, nd his lth were white snow" (Matthew 28:3). "I lkd up nd thr bfr me w a mn dressed in lnn, wth a blt f th fnt gld rund h wt. His bd w lk Chrlt, h f like lghtnng, h eyes lk flmng torches, h rm nd lg lk th glm f burnhd brnz, and h v like th sound of multtud" (Dnl 10:5, 6). The Bbl also drb ngl wth wings that can fl. "Abv him were seraphs, h wth x wng: Wth tw wng th covered thr f, wth two wings they covered thr ft and wth two th wr flying" (Isaiah 6:2).

Angl: D they rll xt?

Actual accounts f angels hv bn wtnd and recorded by many l throughout th Bible. Bgnnng n Genesis 16:7, "Th angel f the Lord found Hgr nr a rng n th drtnd he d; 'Hagar, servant f Sarai, whr have u come frm and whr r you gng?'" Again, in Gn 22:11, an ngl mmunt wth Abrhm, "But th ngl f th Lrd called out t hm frm hvn, Abrhm! Abraham!" Angl continue t appear throughout the ntr Bbl, ending with th lt bk, Revelation. "Thn the angel d t m, 'Wrt: Bld are th who r invited t th wddng ur f th lmb!' nd h ddd, 'Th r th tru wrd f Gd'" (Revelation19:9).

Angl: What r thr Pwr nd Authrt?

Angl communicate mg of God t H people. Angl l have powers t rfrm wrk fr God tht r bnd th ability of humn. "But during th nght n ngl of the Lrd nd the dr f th jl nd brught them ut" (Acts 5:19). "Thr w a vlnt earthquake, fr an angel f th Lrd came dwn frm heaven and, gng t th tmb, rlld bk th stone nd sat n it" (Matthew 28:2). Angels have the power t minister to Gd' l. "Ar not ll ngl ministering rt nt t rv th wh wll inherit lvtn?" (Hbrw 1:14). As w n observe, the wr f ngl r t mntr and rv Gd. Angels, like l, r t wrh God, nt replace Hm. "And they wr calling to n another: 'Holy, hl, holy is the Lord Almght; th whl rth is full of H glr'" (Ih 6:3). In ddtn, Gd calls n th ngl t worship H Sn, Jesus. "Lt all God's ngl wrh Hm" (Hbrw 1:6). Th Bbl tll us specifically t wrh God and not ngl. "At th I fll t h feet t worship hm. But h said t me, 'D not do t! I m a fllw rvnt with u and your brothers who hld to th ttmn f Ju. Wrh Gd!'" Rvltn 19:10

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