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Content of the story:

1. In the village there are many animals. Among them there is one small buffalo. The little buffalo always plays with mud and dirty things, but he doesn't like to bath very much.

2. One day it rains for the whole day. The playground becomes a big mire. The buffalo dips himself in the mire and turns around and around with a very happy mood. His body covers full with dirty mud.

3. There is a pig playing with a kite nearby. He drops the kite in a hole. Little buffalo quickly comes to help. He jumps into the hole and takes the kite outside. "Here is your kite, little pig". "But you have besmeared it, I can not play with it anymore!" Little pig cries out.

4. "Oh I am so sorry!" Little buffalo says. "I am so sad, but I will make an other one." Little pig says and walks away, leaving little buffalo back.

5. Not long after that, a farmer carrying bunches of rice passing by. "Let's me help you taking the rice home". Said little buffalo. And he quickly takes the rice bunches from the shoulder of the farmer.

6. "Oh little buffalo don't touch the rice!" Said the farmer. But it is too late. The dirty hands of buffalo have touched the rice and throw some mud to the rice. "Oh the rice is dirty, now I have to wash them at home and dry them up. I appreciate your kindness but please take a bath first before going to help me!". Said the farmer.

7. Little buffalo is so sad. He wants to help the others but it seems that he causes trouble to them. Little buffalo goes home with a sad mood. But at some steps he sees the rabbits playing hide and seek game. Such a nice game. Let's me join you! Little buffalo says in eager.

8. "It should be great to have you play with us. But please go home and take a bath first. You are so dirty. If you play with us, you can besmear us". Said the rabbits and of course little buffalo knows that he can not take part in the game right now.

9. "Poor me! Poor me!" Little buffalo laments. "Why there is nobody wants to play with me?". And he goes straight home.

10. Mother buffalo is at the front door and it's not hard for her to see her son is so sad. "What happen to you?" Mother buffalo says. Little buffalo tells his mother all his story with the pig, the farmer and the rabbits.

11. There are just right! You are so dirty. You need to take a bath first before doing anything. Now let's clean your body up!"(56)

12. Little buffalo totally agrees with his mother. But as he is about to take a bath, he sees a dish full of delicious fruits on the table. Little buffalo uses his dirty hand to take some fruits to eat without any hesitation.

13. Right away, little buffalo got a stomachache. "What happen to me? Can it because of I am going to take a bath?" He cries. "No way, let's me take you to the doctor!" Mother buffalo says. And little buffalo is taken to doctor cat.

14. "What have you eaten recently?" Asked the doctor cat. "I have just have some fruits!". Little buffalo cries. Doctor cat looks at the two hand of little buffalo: "Your hands are so dirty. Using these hands to take the fruits is the reason why you got a stomachache."

15. Doctor cat gives little buffalo some tablets to stop the stomachache and tells little buffalo: "Please remember to keep your body clean, especially the two hands. Remember to wash your hand before eating anything."

16. Little buffalo now knows his mistake. He feels so sorry that he hasn't kept his body clean. And from that moment on, little buffalo always keeps himself clean and tidy.

17. Remember the advice from doctor cat, little buffalo now takes a bath after playing outside, and never forgets to wash his hand before eating. He now can help everybody without being afraid that he can besmear them anymore. Further more, he can now play with many friends and they all love him.

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