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  • Intracranial Infiltration STG.
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Developer's Description

Intracranial Infiltration STG.

How exhilarating! An intracranial infiltration 3D shooting game!

Take down the lethargy virus to restore peoples spirit!

The Mission

In the year 2044, an unknown lethargy virus causing people to lose their spirit has caused a pandemic that is out of control.

One year passes

The International Disease Research Center develops an antibody nanomachine capable of attacking the virus that has entered the brain to destroy the disease at its source.

The machines name is Motivator

This mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use this Motivator to enter the brain and eliminate the lethargy virus.

Controlling the Motivator

Swipe left and right to control the Motivator.

The Motivator will automatically attack the virus, so concentrate on maneuvering the Motivator.

Attacking the lethargy virus

The lethargy virus will generate contagion shells in an attempt to get in your way.

You can damage the virus by destroying these contagion shells.

These contagion shells contain the virus weak point, which cause twice the regular amount of damage when attacked.

Upgrading the Motivator

The raw material used to upgrade the nanomachine, carbon crystal appears within the brain.

The virus, and the contagion shells it spawns, grow stronger the deeper you proceed into the brain.

Gather these carbon crystals to upgrade the Motivator.

Restoring the spirit of mankind relies on your piloting skills

Good luck, commander.

This app comes with a VR Mode.

VR Mode allows you to get a better sense of the world of the Motivator.

In order to experience VR Mode you will need a VR Viewer.

Compatible VR Viewers:


Compatible smartphones

Google Cardboard

Compatible screen sizes:

A MFi-compatible game pad is needed when using Google Cardboard

You can switch to VR Mode within the app, via Settings.

MilboxTouch is a registered trademark of WHITE Inc.

Google Cardbord is a registered trademark of Google Inc.


VR Mode will prevent you from seeing the peripheral environment. Refrain from use in areas where you cannot move around freely and in unstable operating environments.

VR Mode is for ages 13 and up. Children aged 12 and under should refrain from playing.

Some players may experience discomfort from playing, such as symptoms similar to that of motion sickness, a loss of a sense of direction, eye pain, and dizziness.

Please immediately stop the game if you experience any of these symptoms.

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