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U0vd Security

U0vd Security is not a world leader in enterprise IT security but it is the one of the New Security Software Corporation in the world that try to use new technology to make safeguards for internet cyber space.We try to protect and control against known and unknown malwares, Rootkits, spywares, spam, and other security threats exist today.We believe the capabilities of our soft wares, and trying to use our knowledge to built Best products. What is that meaning u0vd?U0vd it is a converted word from SEC and SEC converted with Base64 encryption. Who was the Co-founder of U0vd Security Corporation? Nima Bagheri Nima is a co-founder of u0vd; He also Program MPS Security Model for first time in the world (Main Protection System), He is programmer of the u0vd either.for more Please see
U0vd Security
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