Founded in 1997 and located in Windham, New Hampshire, Triscape develops and markets advanced graphics software. Triscape's founders have headed three other successful technology firms, with experience in scientific software, telecommunications and retail computers. Triscape has developed expertise in high performance animated graphics and also client-server Web applications. Triscape technology includes "Flat World" virtual reality which allows users to explore high resolution graphics landscapes without the image quality issues often associated with 3D rendering. Triscape has been an innovator in bringing geographic browsing to the Internet. Triscape Maps is a pioneering combination of web browsing, site maps, road maps, and virtual reality, Triscape Maps uses advanced 2D image processing, rather than 3D rendering, in order to provide the highly detailed images.
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  • Organize, view, edit, enhance, annotate, share, upload, and archive your photos using thumbnails and albums.
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