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Corsair Logic

Corsair Logic is a unit of well-trained professional programmers, designers and coders, who love to do, what they do best - make life easier for everybody. Our team is well skilled and experienced, when it comes to IT and innovative ideas of variation and improvement of already existing programs. This is what came out: Corsair Logic developed programs like File Hunter, WinVice or F-Ace, which may eradicate all possible noob-problems once and for all. It takes a developer-team like us in order to produce and deliver programs and applications, which are idiot proof to anyone. Thanks to these programs, even extreme rookies can learn without further ado, how to use p2p-networks, how to archive and unpack data and even how to do any kind of stuff with torrents. We, the programmers of Corsair Logic, hope to help you and your family and friends at exploring new horizons of your computer and the world wide web.
Corsair Logic
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