Multidimensional Media

Multidmedia Limited, a privately held software company based in the UK, is an Industry leader in Rapid Application Development Tools for Macromedia Flash, whose software is used in over 75 Countries by designers, developers and Fortune 500 Companies. At MDM our aim is simple: to make great software. Established in 2002, we continue to push forward in our pursuit for excellence, leaving others to catch up to the standards we\'ve now set. We have seeded many new concepts and we shall continue our work to fully develop and exploit these ideas for the future. With meticulous attention to detail, innovative software and superb customer support, we aim to continue providing our customers with great software. This is MDM, and this is what we do. We Lead, Others Follow.
Multidimensional Media
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  • Build and deploy desktop apps with Adobe Flash and Flex.
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