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Play Super Mario Run - Reviews, FAQs, and Alternatives

Beat Bowser, rescue Princess Peach, and earn coins in Nintendo's latest endless running and jumping game for iOS.

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Super Mario Run (iOS) brings Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. video game to iOS. In this endless runner, you mustmore

Super Mario Run (iOS) brings Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. video game to iOS. In this endless runner, you must rescue your beloved Princess Peach from her kidnapper Bowser, the leader of a race of evil turtles. Run and jump your way across six worlds and 24 levels -- just make sure you don't trip or fall prey to Piranha Plants and flying Koopas. Only World 1 (levels 1-3) is free. All six worlds will run you a hefty $9.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Super Mario Run on Android?
Currently, there is no Android version. Nintendo says it will release Super Mario Run on Android in 2017.
Can I play the paid version on more than one device?
Yes, you can. Install the app on your secondary device and make sure you're logged in using the same App Store account. At the purchase screen, click to buy the game again. But rest assured that your paid version will be transferred over at no additional cost.
What's the difference between the free and paid versions?
You only get to play one-sixth of the game in the free version. To purchase all six worlds, you'll need to cough up $9.99, which is a lot for a mobile game. However, you'll also get 3,000 coins; one Question Block, containing a special prize or superpower; and 20 Rally Tickets, which you can use to compete in a Toad Rally, a special coin-gathering moves challenge against players from all over the world.
What about apps like Super Plumber Run or Subway Maryo Run?
These are fake apps, made by shady developers hoping to capitalize on the Super Mario Run buzz. Don't download them! There's no Android version yet, so if you see a game in Google Play that looks like Super Mario Run, you know it's a knockoff app and you should avoid it. Similarly, if you see a game in the iTunes App Store that doesn't show Nintendo as the developer, it's a fake.

Super Mario Run Alternatives

Super Mario Run is fun, but you're out of the game if you're on Android, and you'll quickly find your options limited if you don't want to pony up $9.99 for the paid version. You may be better off with these running, jumping, and flying alternatives.

Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash

As Sonic, the world's fastest hedgehog, you run across platform stages and kill enemies by rolling or dashing through them with the dash power-up that's available every few hundred meters. Collect rings that keep you alive whenever you get hit. Sonic Dash is a very fun, fast game that lets you accumulate rewards early and often, instead of only at the highest levels. Sonic Dash is free, with in-app purchases.

Temple Run

Temple Run

In Temple Run you sprint through a maze of paths, jumping over and sliding under obstacles, collecting coins or gems as you go, using different swipes and device tilts to navigate. Power-ups and special abilities (like flying) help you evade chasers and collect even more booty. But go too slow, get caught in a booby trap, or slip up even a bit, and it's game over. Temple Run is free, with in-app purchases.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an endless flying game where you dodge a continuous stream of obstacles while collecting better and better jetpacks. There's always a new surprise waiting just offscreen, and you'll find it hard to put the game down because you want to see what's coming next. Jetpack Joyride is free, with in-app purchases.