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Make beautiful slideshows with these top 3 apps

About Slideshow Makers

Slideshow presentations used to be snooze-worthy affairs. Remember sitting patiently while a friend or colleague projected a seemingly endless stream of slides onto a screen? Today, we create slideshows digitally, and slideshow apps make our presentations more dynamic through transitions, effects, video clips, background music, narration, and captions. Find out what slideshow makers offer, and see our top three options.

Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker FAQs

  • Do I need a paid slideshow maker?
    It depends on your needs. But many free slideshow makers already offer most of the features you need, such as background colors, captions and narration, background music, and slide sequencing.
  • Do I need a standalone slideshow maker?
    Not necessarily. While standalone slideshow makers are often feature-rich, they can be costly, not to mention just another app to download on your computer or mobile device. Before downloading a standalone slideshow maker, check your existing photo apps, such as your native Apple Photos and Google Photos (Web, Android, iOS), as well as presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and Keynote (Mac, iOS).
  • Can I create a slideshow on my mobile device?
    Yes. Apps like Animoto ( iOS, Android) and RealTimes (for iOS and Android) can fulfill many of your creation needs on-the-go.

Top slideshow maker apps that you're probably already using

The days of exclusively presenting slideshows on a projector, DVD player, or even a desktop are over. Today, you can create, present, and share slideshows directly from all of your devices. But if you're already testing your desktop or phone's storage capacity with hundreds of photos, you'll be glad to know that many of our software picks are apps you're probably already using.

Google Photos

One of our favorite apps for storing and organizing photos and videos now supports slideshows. Just navigate to an album, tap on a photo, and select Slideshow from the dropdown menu to automatically showcase the enclosed images. To broadcast your slideshow to your TV, Google recommends using a Chromecast streaming device.


Moments helps Facebook users easily share photos and videos from group outings with participants. Moments does this by automatically creating a music video for any collection of six or more photos. Tap the video to customize it further; you can select different photos and choose from a dozen background music options. Then tap to share the video to Facebook, and your crew will be notified to check it out. With a recent update, Facebook ( Web, Android, iOS) itself will create a similar slideshow, as long as you've captured at least five photos/videos in the last day.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation app is a great tool for photo slideshows. Create a new presentation, then add a title and as many slides as you need. Then import your images to PowerPoint and add them to their respective slides. You can then edit and arrange them, add transitions, backgrounds, and background music. Then play from your device, broadcast to your TV, or share via the cloud.

Joshua Rotter is a copy editor for and covers iOS.