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Get started with Media Player Classic

About Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a program for Windows that plays a wide variety of video and audio files. It began as an official off-shoot of Windows Media Player. The current version is called Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, or MPC-HC for short.

  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema screenshot

Media Player Classic FAQs

  • Is Media Player Classic - Home Cinema the best app of its kind, or should I try something else?

    MPC-HC used to have a reputation for instability, but these days it's just as reliable as VLC Media Player. See below for links to VLC.

    In fact, MPC-HC tends to play 4K more smoothly. However, MPC-HC does not handle streaming content. For that, VLC is still the way to go. For everything else, MPC-HC is at least worth checking out. It's available only for Microsoft Windows.

  • What's the best media player for iOS, Android, and Mac devices?
    We have a handy guide full of download links for all the best media players. The best choice depends on what type of media you want to play.
  • Is Media Player Classic free?
    Like VLC, MPC-HC is a free open-source program, although you can optionally donate to the development team at any time with PayPal or a credit card.

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