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Find the best free DVD-burning software

About DVD burning software

DVD burning software lets you put files on a writable DVD, or digital versatile disc, or create a duplicate of another DVD. DVDs are optical media that were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s before Blu-ray discs and Internet streaming overtook them.

  • Samsung CD-DVD burner

DVD Burning FAQ

  • What's the best DVD burning software?
    Windows has some basic built-in burning tools, but you're probably better off with a program such as BurnAware or CDBurnerXP. Either will give you more features to work with. For Mac users, MacOS has a better built-in tool with Disk Utility than Windows does, but Burn is worth a look as well.
  • Can I use a compact disc (CD) burner to burn a DVD?
    CD drives use a laser that isn't compatible with DVD media, so a CD drive cannot burn DVDs or read them. You need an optical drive that specifically supports DVD burning.
  • What's my best storage alternative to a DVD or CD?

    USB thumb drives have more storage space, and you can move files much faster between them and your PC. Some TVs and set-top devices also have USB ports that let you watch videos or view pictures stored on the drive. If you need a terabyte of space or more, then you'll want an external hard drive that connects to your computer via a USB cable. We recommend USB 3.0 or higher to get good data transfer speeds.

    You can also use a free service such Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store your files in the cloud, where they can be accessed from almost any computer, Android device, or iOS device that has a connection to the Internet.

  • Can I make copies of movies and TV shows that are on DVD?
    While you may find DVD burning software that can do this, making unauthorized DVD copies of movies, TV shows, and music is illegal in the United States. You can usually make one archival copy of software, however. Be sure to check the laws in your own country.
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