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The best mobile business productivity apps

Mobile business software can help you keep track of finances, manage contacts, and help you collaborate with colleagues. And because many productivity apps are available in the cloud, it's a snap to keep up with your work from a mobile device.

Mobile business software FAQs

  • What are productivity apps?
    With a full-service productivity suite, you can create business documents and spreadsheets; build presentations; and use email, document-management, and cloud-storage services. Look for a suite that offers desktop (or browser) and mobile versions of its apps so you can work wherever you are. Most professional suites are available for a per-user subscription, but if you are trying to keep control of costs, you can find a handful of free productivity suites that cover the basics.
  • How do I collaborate with teammates?
    A few productivity suites include collaboration tools that let teams work in real time on documents. If you just want to share documents, PDF readers let you send around work files that coworkers can view and comment on. Productivity suites can also include video conferencing tools for team meetings. Other collaboration tools such as Slack let teams chat in groups or individually without using email or messaging.
  • what other business tools do I need?
    While you can certainly run a small Web-based business on the cheap through an auction site like eBay or via PayPal, setting up a payments system for a physical store is not a lot more effort with a point-of-sale service like Square that handles payments and sales tracking. Add QuickBooks for accounting and payroll functions and MailChimp for email marketing and you are about set.

Best mobile productivity software for business



Slack lets teams have conversations about projects, direct message team members, and share files.

Google Docs Suite

Google Docs Suite

Unless you have very specific requirements, Google's free and collaborative online productivity apps should meet your needs.

Clifford Colby follows the Mac and Android markets for He's been an editor at Peachpit Press and a handful of now-dead computer magazines, including MacWeek, MacUser, and Corporate Computing.