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Best Marijuana Apps for Weed, Pot, and Cannabis Enthusiasts

Get lit on 420 or year round with Download's selection of stoner software.

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Whether you call it "420," "Bud," "Dank," "Green Goddess," "Mary Jane," "Reefer," or "Whacky tabacky," you can also call it legal for recreational use if you live in Colorado, Washington, Washingtonmore

Whether you call it "420," "Bud," "Dank," "Green Goddess," "Mary Jane," "Reefer," or "Whacky tabacky," you can also call it legal for recreational use if you live in Colorado, Washington, Washington D.C., Alaska, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, or California. Marijuana is also legal for medical use in at least 29 states.

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To meet the growing interest and demand, a crop of pot apps have emerged. has weeded out the best marijuana apps from the bunk, and these are our favorites.

Best budtender



With 779 (and growing!) marijuana strains out there to smoke or enjoy via tinctures, topicals, concentrates, or edibles, it'd take months of research to find a suitable one. Once you do, it'll take even more time to hunt it down.


Leafly helps trim your options by sorting strains by mood or medical need. It also lists them by Newest, Popular, and A-Z and provides comprehensive reviews of flavor, strength, and effects. Once you discover the THC for thee, you can easily search Leafly's Finder and its integrated map for local prescribing doctors and dispensaries, clinics, and delivery services that carry it. You'll also get the dopest deals in the app.

Best doobie doctor

Eaze MD

Eaze MD

After a quick, painless, and secure registration process (that involves setting up an account, taking and uploading a photo of your driver's license, answering a brief questionnaire, and paying a nominal fee of $29 for a medical consultation and recommendation letter or $49 for the added benefit of a plastic ID card) you meet with your doctor over live video chat on your way to "pain relief."


Best buds




Sometimes you don't want to smoke alone. 420Friends puts you in touch with an entire cannabis community looking for that special someone to smoke out with. Send messages to potential friends or swipe right, Tinder-style, for friends with benefits or to spark interest from your next ex.


Best ganga game

Weed Firm: Replanted

Weed Firm: Replanted

Now that you're paired up, it's time to smartphone and chill. Even if you've played FarmVille, Farm Story, and Farmerama, you've never harvested like this. Weed Firm: Replanted tasks you with taking on the role of Ted Growing, an expelled botany student, who must grow his little inherited pot farm into a major growing operation. Plant new strains, attract new customers, and defend your operation from thugs, corrupt cops, and invading aliens.


Keep the stoney story going with Weed Firm 2: Back to College (iOS, Android), which finds Growing reestablishing his operation, back at his college, as he hides from the corrupt cops, trying to bring him down.

Best cannabis camera

Snoop Dogg's Snoopify Mobile Photo App!

Snoop Dogg's Snoopify Mobile Photo App!

Or you can generate lots of laughs with a funny photo editor. Snoop Dogg is one of the phattest weed proponents in entertainment. That's why his Snoopify Mobile Photo App! is tightly packed full of so many marijuana-inspired stickers. Just take a photo, pop open the car trunk, and choose from dozens of stickers to place on your photo. Then save or share over social media.