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Be wise with the best educational software

From eBooks and fitness apps to typing tutors, educational software can help polish your skills without stepping into a classroom.

Educational software FAQs

  • Where can I find ebooks?
    Apple, Amazon, and Google, among others, offer dedicated eBook stores and readers for discovering, buying, and reading electronic books. While many lock you into their platform through a proprietary eBook format or digital-rights management, eBooks in the ePub format allow you to load and read eBooks on most devices. If you are looking for free eBooks, Project Gutenberg is a good source for finding titles in the public domain, with more than 50,000 books ranging from the likes of Jane Austen to Émile Zola.
  • Can I watch my weight and monitor my fitness?
    Need help with weight loss or exercise? Health and fitness apps can track how many steps you take, continually monitor your heart rate, chart your sleep patterns, and more. Some can track your calorie intake as well with expansive catalogs of food, letting you pick what you eat from a list or scan an item's barcode to choose it. You can also save meals of your own making to the list. Most health and fitness apps have a social component, so you can compare your activities with friends and take part in challenges to keep you motivated.
  • Can I take courses online?
    If you're looking for more sedentary learning, you still have plenty of ways to stay sharp. Google Earth lets you tour the globe without leaving your chair. If you're looking for more sedentary learning, you still have plenty of ways to stay sharp., for example, offers videos on everything from Microsoft Excel basics to mindfulness training. Khan Academy has a vast catalog of video lessons, ranging from beginning math to music appreciation. Ted Talks videos span how to be a great leader to how to survive on Mars. And you can learn to code, too. Codecademy offers bite-sized interactive lessons covering HTML to data analytics.

Best educational app

Google Earth

Google Earth

With Google Earth, explore the world and take guided tours of key landmarks and regions.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

With Amazon Kindle, read your ebooks on your PC or Mac.

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