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9 Tips and Tricks for Puzzle Games Like The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins (download for iOS) is the latest in a long line of very popular puzzle games designed for Android and iPhones, combining gothic supernatural spookiness with challenging but fair brain teasers. But while the puzzles themselves aren't cryptic or tedious, the worlds around them will be much easier to navigate and understand if you keep a few important rules in mind. We've put together a collection of handy tips that should help you keep your... Read More »

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Hands-On

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most popular franchises in gaming, and XV is generally regarded as a return to form after years of choppy waters -- but it doesn't run on mobile devices. However, publisher Square Enix anticipated this and began work years ago on a mobile-optimized version called Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Android, iOS). At $20, it's the most expensive Final Fantasy game for Android or iOS, which is saying a... Read More »

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Game Dev Tycoon: Here's How to Rock the Industry

Despite the trials and tribulations of office life, a lot of us still enjoy games about working at an office, and Game Dev Tycoon (Android, iOS) is arguably the best one we've seen; sadly, it hasn't been available for Android or iPhone users until now, five years after its debut on Windows and macOS. But it's quickly climbed into the top sales charts on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and it's easy... Read More »

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The Windows Email Apps That Truly Deliver

In a world where Gmail seems to dominate on home computers and mobile devices, and Outlook is the default for business, how much room is there for competitive email clients? Well, if you don't want to pay $70 a year to get the version of Microsoft Office that includes Outlook (or buy Outlook 2016 separately for $110), you can find several very respectable alternatives for much less, or even for free. Let's show you what they are.

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Remove Unwanted Software with These Windows Uninstallers

Windows has a built-in app uninstallation tool, but it's notorious for leaving behind traces of a program, leading to digital clutter over time than can be hard to clean up. This has invited a host of third-party uninstallers to fix the problem, and here are the three that we'd recommend trying.

Windows software uninstaller FAQ

How much do these uninstaller apps cost? All three of our recommendations have... Read More »

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Put Some Zip in Your File Compression with These Windows Apps

When you need to create more storage space on your computer, you can delete a file or try to make it smaller. That's where file compression apps come in. They're also handy for collecting multiple files into one package, for sending a file to someone else, for password-protecting them, and for better organization. Here are the best file compression apps for Windows.

Windows file compression FAQ

What's the best... Read More »

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Affordable CAD Software Alternatives to AutoCAD

CAD or computer-aided design software enhances design creation, modification, analysis, and optimization with increased speed and quality. Various 2D and 3D CAD Windows apps are used to explore ideas, render concepts, and simulate performance IRL, but AutoCAD, the original CAD software, is still the go-to CAD app for most Windows users.

CAD Software for Windows FAQs

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Ace Your Audio Production with These Awesome Apps

If you've ever dreamed of a career in music, then you've probably toyed with home recording and music production software. The problem is, there are dozens of apps to choose from, and the best ones aren't cheap. Here are your three best options, sorted by price.

Windows audio production and recording software FAQ

Why does this kind of software get so expensive? Publishers... Read More »

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Master Your Media With These Movie- and Music-Playing Apps

While streaming video and music has largely taken over from physical media and collections of MP3s and AVIs, offline media players still have their uses, especially when a fast Internet connection is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. Here's the media playing software that will come to the rescue when you can't get on the wi-fis.

Windows media player software FAQ

Which media player offers the best value? Media players... Read More »

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Our Editors Test These 4 Webcam Apps So You Don't Have To

Most laptops these days comes with a built-in webcam, and you can get a solid standalone webcam for less than $50 from Amazon or your local big-box electronics store. All of them come with software that will do the basics, but there's a whole world of apps out there that will do things that the basic software can only dream of. Here's the cream of the crop.

Windows Webcam Software FAQ

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