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Games to Help Your Kids Play Well with Others

While older generations may have grown up on simple and harmless fun like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros., the modern videogaming world can be challenging for a parent to navigate smoothly. How do you find games for your kids (or for yourself) that are free of adult content and promote positive values, with streamlined mechanics to avoid frustration? We know of several good places to start.

Windows Kids' Games FAQ

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Mind-Bending Puzzle Games: Teleport, Shoot Frickin' Lasers, and Unravel Mysteries

While a puzzle game can be little more than a variation on Match-3 or Tetris and still be an effective time waster, the truly interesting ones usually put you inside the puzzle and tell a compelling story along the way. Here's our cream-of-the-crop for the best puzzle games on Windows.

Windows Puzzle Game FAQs

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Best Real-Time Strategy Games for Windows

While game series like Warcraft and Command & Conquer once dominated PC gaming, the real-time strategy genre isn't what it used to be. As a result, when it comes to recommending the best RTSs for Windows, most of our selections are actually re-releases of classic titles, updated for more modern computers and operating systems. Here are our picks.

Real-Time Strategy Games FAQ

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Best First-Person Shooters for Windows

Wars have been fought over the technical origin of the first-person shooter, but it's hard to argue about where they came into their own: on Windows PCs. Their history is so rich at this point that two of our recommendations come full circle to the franchises responsible for the original boom. Here's a sampler of the best first-person shooters for Windows.

Windows First-Person Shooter FAQs

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Best Windows Encryption Software To Keep Secure

With recent reports of governments spying on their citizens -- and spying on each other -- using encryption to secure our files and communications is an important step in guarding our data and privacy.

Windows Encryption Software FAQS

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Best Windows Firewall Software

A software firewall can block unwanted connections from the Internet to your Windows computer. With a firewall in your arsenal, you can do everything from blocking all incoming connections to nonessential software to picking which services can access your system.

Windows 10 comes with a perfectly fine firewall, and many ISPs include a firewall with their service that provides basic protection for your home network. But if you have a more specific need, some security vendors offer firewalls either... Read More »

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Best Windows Privacy Tools

Your user data -- which websites you visit and when, where you click on a webpage, and how long you stay on it -- is a product that people can sell. It's valuable information for advertisers, product developers, and sometimes government agencies. When handled responsibly, this info does not identify you personally, but you don't always have this advantage. If you believe that you have a right to privacy, we know the tools you can use to make... Read More »

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Best Windows Monitoring Software

With monitoring software, you can track a user's activity on a Windows PC, from web browsing history to chat and email messages. While monitoring software can be used legitimately -- to help parents keep tabs on their kids, for example -- it also has deceptive uses, such as spying on another person's activities or capturing keystrokes with a keylogger without the person's knowledge or approval.

Windows Monitoring Software FAQ

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Best Windows Parental Controls Software

Parental controls for Windows can help you monitor and restrict a child's activities on a PC. You can control website access, block inappropriate content, set time limits, and monitor social-network posts. While not a substitute for parenting, the controls can help enforce family rules and keep kids out of trouble.

Windows Parental Controls Software FAQS

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Best Pop-Up Ad Blocker for Windows

While advertisements on websites are important to pay for content, nobody likes pop-ups -- the kind that opens up in a separate window. When they open up in the foreground, they block your view; when they open up in the background, they can clutter your task bar and blare noises at you. Thankfully, you can prevent most of them from opening if you have the right pop-up blocker, and filter out other... Read More »

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