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Get the File Manager You Didn't Know You Needed

Searching for files and navigating through folders is something that most Windows users do every day, yet they may not be aware that there are better ways to do than the default tools provided by Microsoft. It turns out that you can get all kinds file managers aside from Windows Explorer, some with features you didn't even know you wanted. Here are three popular choices that we'd recommend.

Windows File Manager FAQ

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Hunt, Gather, and Shoot Your Way Through These Absorbing Windows Action Games

With action games, there is no waiting for the other player to finish their turn, and no complex set of rules between you and your mastery of the game's world. You need to be light on your toes and prepared to shift your tactics in the heat of battle. These are the Windows games that best express the meaning of "action."

Windows Action Games FAQ

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Play God and Create a World in Your Image with These Windows Sim Games

As much fun as the real world can be, sometimes you want to build a little world of your own. Or you want to experience what it's like to be lost in a forest or crash-landed on a hostile alien planet, from the safety of your couch. That's where simulation games come in. Here are our top picks for the sims that should win you over.

Windows Simulation Games FAQ

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These 3 Games Will Make You Dump Solitaire Forever

If you just want a time-killing session of Solitaire, Windows has that within easy reach. And it's free and simple. But you know what? It's also kind of boring. There's a whole world of card games out there with decks and styles of play that can be much more interesting. Let's show you the best ones out there for Windows.

Windows Card Games FAQ

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Use Text-to-Speech Software to Hear Your Documents Read Aloud

Apps that take text and speak it aloud with a computer-generated voice might seem like a novelty at first, but it's actually quite helpful for people with vision or vocal impairments, dyslexia, or foreign language learning needs. It's also handy if you need to convert a document into an audio file for listening on the go. Voice quality has also greatly improved in recent years. Here's the best software for converting text to speech (TTS).

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Let Your Voice Be Heard with These Speech Recognition Apps

If you've never been much of a typist, or you have an issue that prevents conventional use of a keyboard and mouse, you can still use voice recognition software to get around Windows and MacOS and to dictate text. In fact, dictation will be faster than typing for most users. Here's the best voice recognition software out there.

Speech recognition software FAQ

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The best animation software for beginners and award winners

Dating back to ancient times, early hand-drawn animation created the illusion of motion and change with the quick succession of sequential 2D images. By the late 20th century, computer animation opened the door for improved 2D -- and even 3D -- animation. While 2D animation concentrates on image manipulation, 3D techniques create virtual worlds in which seemingly real characters and objects move and interact. You, too, can create skillful animations with these Windows apps, whether you're a hobbyist or... Read More »

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Make Your Browser Work for You with the Best Chrome Extensions

The Chrome browser is already a handy doorway to Google's cloud-based services, from Google Drive and Photos to the Docs editors. But through Chrome extensions you can customize the popular browser by adding tools and notifications to make your browsing life easier and more productive.

Google Chrome Extension FAQS

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How to remove and replace Kaspersky antivirus in Windows

With Moscow-based security firm Kaspersky Lab under increasing political and technical scrutiny due to allegations of working closely with Russian intelligence, now might be the time to spy alternative antivirus software for your Windows or Android device. It's important to note that Kaspersky Lab strongly denies these claims. But if you have Kaspersky software installed on one of your devices and want to remove it, read on for instructions.

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Love Minecraft? Unearth Your Inner Child With These Great Windows Games

While older generations may have grown up on simple and harmless fun like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros., the modern videogaming world can be challenging for a parent to navigate smoothly. How do you find games for your kids (or for yourself) that are free of adult content and promote positive values, with streamlined mechanics to avoid frustration? We know of several good places to start.

Windows Kids' Games FAQ

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