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Navigate the Web with These Top Mac Browsers

Throw your lot in with one of the industry heavyweights or back the scrappy outsider. Apple, Google, and Mozilla each offer state-of-the-art web browsers that give you quick access to the Internet.

Mac Browsers FAQ

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Earn an Emmy with the Best Mac Video-Editing Apps

Whether you want to show highlights of your kid's soccer season or make the next indie-film hit, the best video editors for Mac can help you organize, edit, and share your work.

Mac Video Editor FAQS

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Sharpen Your Image Editing Skills With These Photo Editors for Mac

The Mac does not want for handy and capable photo editors. From the free and surprisingly powerful Photos for MacOS to the 800-pound Photoshop gorilla, Mac users have a quite a few useful photography apps for editing images.

Mac Photo Editing FAQS

What to look for in a Mac photo editor? Our recommended photo editors can all easily handle the basics, including the ability to crop, rotate, straighten, and tweak the brightness... Read More »

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Let Your Voice Be Heard with These Speech Recognition Apps

If you've never been much of a typist, or you have an issue that prevents conventional use of a keyboard and mouse, you can still use voice recognition software to get around Windows and MacOS and to dictate text. In fact, dictation will be faster than typing for most users. Here's the best voice recognition software out there.

Speech recognition software FAQ

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Make Your Browser Work for You with the Best Chrome Extensions

The Chrome browser is already a handy doorway to Google's cloud-based services, from Google Drive and Photos to the Docs editors. But through Chrome extensions you can customize the popular browser by adding tools and notifications to make your browsing life easier and more productive.

Google Chrome Extension FAQS

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Apple shows off iOS and MacOS updates at WWDC

Apple took the wraps off the next major revisions of its mobile and desktop operating systems at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference this morning, offering up speedier web browsing, person-to-person payment transfers via iMessages and Apple Pay, popular MacOS features for the iPad, and more.

iOS 11

iOS 11, coming this fall, will include a raft of new features. A revamped iMessage app in iOS 11 will include a drawer to easily find your iMessage apps and stickers. iMessage users will also... Read More »

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The Best Apps to Manage All Your Passwords

A password manager can manage your passwords, email log-ins, credit-card information, addresses, social security number, and more -- unlocking everything across all your devices with one master password.

Mac Password Manager FAQS

Why do I need a password manager? A good password should be a long string of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and other non-alphanumeric characters -- something that's difficult for others to... Read More »

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You'll Want These Top Mac Anti-Spyware Apps for 2017

If it's collecting and sharing your digital information with a third-party without your permission, then it's spyware, a software category that spans browser cookies, adware, Web beacons, and keyloggers -- to, perhaps, even your favorite software.

Mac Anti-Spyware FAQS

What is spyware? Although tracking your online and computing behaviors can be used for good --... Read More »

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Kill Malware with the 4 Best Mac Antivirus Apps for 2017

It is almost true that Macs don't get malware or viruses. While not nearly as popular a target as Windows and Android devices, Macs do attract the attention of hackers. In 2016, for example, Mac users saw the first functional ransomware targeting the Mac. And Bitdefender, this year, identified sophisticated malware designed for the Mac.

Mac Antivirus FAQS

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Record music like a pro -- Glass Animals' Dave Bayley's top tips

In a recent interview with -- ahead of Glass Animals' summer tour, which includes stops at Panorama, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza music festivals -- singer Dave Bayley gushed about his favorite recording software. Check out our full interview with Dave Bayley here.

Recording Software Q&A

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