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Friday 5: Google Earth, Pandora, YouTube, Apple's Clips, Lumino City

With Pandora Premium unleashed upon the suspecting public this week, the long-running music streaming service finally joined the on-demand listening party, after making its name as a radio-style service. Less expected was a big version bump for Google Earth, the fun-for-a-few-minutes 3D navigation app whose potential thunder has been mostly stolen by Google Maps for the last several years. Apple, YouTube, and popular indie game Lumino City also made a splash. Let's show you the highlights.

Pandora Premium (Android,... Read More »

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Friday 5: Tidal, Spotify, YouTube TV, Hulu, FlipaClip

In this week's Friday 5, Tidal becomes your main source for Jay Z, Spotify partners with UMG, YouTube TV streams Live TV for $35 per month, Hulu lets you stream entire TV seasons in under five minutes, and animation app FlipaClip entices new iOS users with a creative contest.

Tidal (iOS, Android)

Jigga what? Jigga where? Jay Z fans had only one problem, this week, when they couldn't find much of the rap legend's music catalog... Read More »

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The best apps for spring cleaning and organizing your life

As the twittering birds and golden sunshine of spring finally roll in, we must take stock of the dusty nest that winter turned our home into. Did you spend a lot of time parked on the couch under a warm blanket and binge on Netflix while the lighting and thunder raged outside your window? Well, now that you've reached the end of the gauntlet, let's show you several handy mobile apps that can help you reorganize your home and possibly... Read More »

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Best free desktop MP3 & audio software

Whether you're looking to optimize existing music software with plug-ins, simply store and play MP3s, or convert, mix, edit, share, or burn files, certain requirements come into play. Sound quality, file compatibility, editing features, playback controls, and sharing tools are some of the biggest factors.

Desktop MP3 & audio software FAQs

How's the sound quality? 160Kbps (kilobits per second) to 256Kbps is... Read More »

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Best iTunes software for Windows and Mac

iTunes is Apple's go-to music management and playback software, but you can improve your iTunes experience with iPod utilities and iTunes transfer apps. Play, download, and organize your digital audio and video collection, create backups, and manage all your Apple devices with the best iTunes and iPod software.

iTunes software for Windows and Mac FAQs

What are my conversion options? You should be able to convert music and... Read More »

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Desktop travel software to book your next vacation

When traveling to an unfamiliar destination or even in the planning stages, it's only too easy to lose your way. Let us help guide you with the right reservation, mapping, and translation apps. And with our deal apps, we can even help you save money on flights, hotels, restaurants, and experiences along the way.

Desktop travel apps FAQ

What info do I need? When searching for... Read More »

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Friday 5: Google Calendar, Medium, Hardbound, Telegram, Messenger

In this week's Friday 5, Google Calendar becomes iPad friendly, Medium puts its premium content behind a paywall, Hardbound helps you read quicker-to-read versions of new books for free, Telegram adds end-to-end encrypted calls, and Messenger enables live location sharing.

Google Calendar for iPad (iOS, Android)

Google Calendar, our favorite scheduling app, was never quite ready for the big screen. But with its latest update, all of Calendar's features are optimized for the iPad.... Read More »

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McAfee breaks off from Intel

McAfee announced this week it is going it alone. It will spin off from Intel and become an independent cybersecurity company once again.

Intel bought McAfee in 2011 with the goal of more tightly linking security to Intel's chips. While Intel will retain a minority stake in the new security company, the move is intended to let McAfee concentrate on cybersecurity to better solve problems facing its users, said Gary Davis, Chief Consumer Security Evangelist at McAfee. "Being an... Read More »

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How to find the best developer tools

Developer tools can help you design and develop apps, communicate with your team, and manage your projects. The right tools can make a development project go smoothly.

Developer tools FAQs

What can I use to design my app Before you start coding, you need an idea of what you're making. A tool like Sketch (MacOS) lets you drag user-interface elements around and choose... Read More »

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How to find the best desktop screensavers and wallpapers

Want to liven up your Windows or Mac desktop? Screensavers and wallpapers let you customize the look of your desktop or app backgrounds. Both Windows and MacOS let you choose a screensaver or wallpaper from supplied landscapes, nature scenes, abstract images, and textures. You can also add your own favorite images.

Wallpaper and Screensaver FAQs

What to look for in a screensaver or wallpaper app? While the stock wallpapers that come with... Read More »

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