First Look: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game

It hasn't even officially launched yet -- the game is slated for release later in 2018 -- but the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game has already made a mysterious appearance in Google's Play Store and is soft-launching in a handful of regions.

To build excitement, the game also has an official website, where you can uncover a few more details about the game and sign up to learn even more, and be notified when it's released.

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The 5 Upcoming Mobile Games You Don't Want to Miss

Some folks might be surprised that they can use their mobile phone for things other than snapping pictures of themselves and their food. Over the last few years, Android and iOS have started to flex legit muscle as gaming platforms as well. We've endeavored to dig up the interesting-looking games in the pipeline for the second half of 2017 that aren't plagued with micro-transactions or annoying ads. Enjoy!

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Hunt, Gather, and Shoot Your Way Through These Absorbing Windows Action Games

With action games, there is no waiting for the other player to finish their turn, and no complex set of rules between you and your mastery of the game's world. You need to be light on your toes and prepared to shift your tactics in the heat of battle. These are the Windows games that best express the meaning of "action."

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Play God and Create a World in Your Image with These Windows Sim Games

As much fun as the real world can be, sometimes you want to build a little world of your own. Or you want to experience what it's like to be lost in a forest or crash-landed on a hostile alien planet, from the safety of your couch. That's where simulation games come in. Here are our top picks for the sims that should win you over.

Windows Simulation Games FAQ

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These 3 Games Will Make You Dump Solitaire Forever

If you just want a time-killing session of Solitaire, Windows has that within easy reach. And it's free and simple. But you know what? It's also kind of boring. There's a whole world of card games out there with decks and styles of play that can be much more interesting. Let's show you the best ones out there for Windows.

Windows Card Games FAQ

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Stack the Deck and Deal With These Paid iOS Card Games

With the best iOS card app, you can move beyond traditional casino games to play clever and captivating games based on rummy, solitaire, Russian Roulette, and more.

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Go on an Adventure with These Paid Adventure Games

Battle deathless tyrants across a medieval kingdom, make your way through a perilous forest, or jump around a sheet of graphic paper in these fun paid adventure games for iOS.

Paid adventure games for iOS FAQs

Which elements make up an adventure game? Adventure games rely less on combat and action challenges, relationship building, and internal economies and more on storytelling, exploration,... Read More »

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Adventure games take you out of the everyday into worlds full of magic and mystery. And you don't always need to pay a premium to ride the ride. Read on for the best free adventure games for iOS.

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Extend the NBA Season With the Best iOS Sports Games

Who doesn't armchair quarterback? With the best paid iOS sports apps, you can build your team, call plays, and not even have to throw your clipboard.

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Grand Theft Auto for Goats, Much? Play the Best iOS Sim Games.

Simulation games, unlike other video game genres, allow you to completely immerse yourself in a character. Play as a miner, randy goat, mean girl, or construction company owner with our top paid simulation games for iOS.

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