How to find the best games for Windows and Mac

People are buying fewer desktop PCs, but PC games are still going strong. The question is, how do you sort through all the releases to figure out the best games? Here are the questions you should ask before -- and after -- you pull the trigger on a new Windows or Mac game.

Game quality

How can you tell whether a game is worth your money? Check the reviews -- you can start with some of our sister sites that cover PC... Read More »

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Super Mario Run for Android coming in March

Gamers waiting for Super Mario Run to arrive on Android now have a date. The popular side-scroller is slated to show up in March, according to an announcement on Nintendo's Twitter account and the Google Play Store.

Super Mario Run arrived for iOS in December, with the first three levels available for free and the remaining available with a one-time $9.99 purchase.

Preregister in the Google Play Store to be notified when the game goes live.

If March seems... Read More »

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Play Super Mario Run: reviews, FAQs, and alternatives

Super Mario Run (iOS) brings Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. video game to iOS. In this endless runner, you must rescue your beloved Princess Peach from her kidnapper Bowser, the leader of a race of evil turtles. Run and jump your way across six worlds and 24 levels -- just make sure you don't trip or fall prey to Piranha Plants and flying Koopas. Only World 1 (levels 1-3) is free. All six worlds will run you a hefty... Read More »

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Play Pokemon Go: Tips, tricks, game FAQs

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go (Android, iOS) is a fun augmented-reality game for iOS and Android. Pokemon Go uses your phone's camera and GPS to show you nearby Pokemon, which you can capture with Poke Balls and train to fight in Pokemon Gyms.

... Read More »

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Running Windows games smoothly

About Windows games

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular platforms in the world for playing video games. However, the sheer variety of Windows PCs, and the complexity of Windows itself, can create technical problems and generate a lot of questions about which games you can play.

Windows Games FAQs

Wondering if... Read More »

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Level up in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go wing of has been tirelessly trying various ways to level up our trainers. Here are the tactics that we are finding effective, which have (so far) jacked us up to level 20. (For tips on hunting Pokemon, see our guide for stalking pocket monsters.)

Lower levels: Gather supplies first, evolve later

Evolving Pokemon is a quick and efficient way to gain XP. But as tempting as it is to start evolving your Pokemon as soon as you... Read More »

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How to find Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The crew been tracking Pokemon for nearly two weeks, and we'd like to share tools and a few hard-earned tips for finding the popular pocket monsters of Pokemon Go.

Yelp (iOS, Android). Yelp's crowdsourced recommendations can guide you to a nearby PokeStop, where you can find items and -- if a Lure Module is running -- wild Pokemon. On the Web version of Yelp, a PokeStop Nearby filter helps you narrow your choices.

In the Yelp app,... Read More »

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Second-screen the Super Bowl to share the fun

You can watch Super Bowl 50 on your TV. That's what everyone does. But the game's not just about what's on the field and on your TV; half the fun is the crowd and tailgating at the game or, if you're at home, hanging out with your friends offline and on. Fire up your second screen to comment on the action, to watch and vote on the ads, and to check out fan photos and videos.

Watch the game

The second... Read More »

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Apps to kick off your fantasy football season

Why pay $1 billion for an NFL team? With a handful of friends, colleagues, or total strangers, plus an app or two, you can form a fantasy football league and draft players, make trades, and grumble about your commissioner as you pace around your owner's suite (aka your den).

Getting started

In fantasy football, you draft players, set a lineup for the week's games, and win points based on how your roster performs -- points scored, yards gained, sacks made,... Read More »

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A gamer's guide to online security

When you're trying to level up, you want to think about the game and not about protecting your personal information. So secure your account first and then go to war with a little peace of mind.

First, follow general online security best practices: keep your OS, browser, and antivirus software up-to-date. Second, protect your personal information. Trend Micro has a handy security checklist for gamers, including tips that are useful for any online account, like not sharing your passwords... Read More »

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