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Make Adulting Easier With These Apps for Adulthood

No one ever said adulthood was easy. In fact, it's often taxing, hectic, and expensive. If this is your first time, living independently and taking care of yourself, the learning curve may seem especially long. These eight adulting apps should help ease your transition.

Adulting FAQs

What is adulting? A common term among millennials, adulting is acting like an adult by doing all of the things that adults are expected... Read More »

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Cut the Cable and Still Watch NFL This Season

Like the MLB, the NBA, and many other sports leagues, the NFL lets you watch live football games via an app or video-streaming service, with no need for a cable subscription. If you want to catch all the action this season, however, you'll need to gather a collection of apps and video services and then keep track of which games are on which services which days to make sure you don't miss a kickoff.

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Emergency Apps for Hurricane Irma and Other Natural Disasters

When disaster strikes, you'll fare better if you've stocked 72 hours' worth of water and nonperishable food, a battery-powered radio, flashlight, first-aid kit, extra batteries, whistle,moist towelettes, a wrench or pliers, a manual can opener, local maps, a cell phone with chargers, and a backup battery. But what's on your mobile phone may be just as valuable. You can pull up Google's Public Alerts to start, and then check out our top 17 apps to help... Read More »

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The Definitive Guide To Stopping Robocalls on Your Mobile Phone

Why does it seem like the only people who call are the robots? Because maybe it's true. Federal Trade Commission (or FTC) reports robocalls are on the rise, in part because it's so easy to make autodialer calls from anywhere in the world. When a colleague said he was receiving 20 robocalls *a day* on his mobile phone, we looked into what he could do to stamp out the annoying mobile calls.

Robocall FAQ

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The 5 Upcoming Mobile Games You Don't Want to Miss

Some folks might be surprised that they can use their mobile phone for things other than snapping pictures of themselves and their food. Over the last few years, Android and iOS have started to flex legit muscle as gaming platforms as well. We've endeavored to dig up the interesting-looking games in the pipeline for the second half of 2017 that aren't plagued with micro-transactions or annoying ads. Enjoy!

Alto's Odyssey... Read More »

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Draft Your NFL Dream Team with These Fantasy Football Apps

Set up your league, gather your owners, and prepare for the draft. It's time to play fantasy football. With the best NFL fantasy football sites, you can easily manage your team, draft players, monitor your league's waiver wire, make trades, and follow in real time how your team performs each week.

NFL Fantasy Football FAQS

What to look for in an NFL fantasy football site? Pick... Read More »

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Conquer the Catan Universe with These Android Board Games

Put away your dice, cards, game board, and game pieces. You can play your favorite board games with friends on your Android phone -- and you don't even need to be sitting around the same table.

Paid Board Games for Android FAQS

How do you play board games on an... Read More »

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Keep your Tabletop Gaming Skills Sharp With the Best Android Board Games

Jump into tabletop gaming with the best chess, checkers, mahjong, and dominoes board games for Android. Some, including Pokemon Duel, even let you play for free.

Free Board Games for Android FAQS

Where are the good free board games? ... Read More »

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Become Another Character Just for One Day

Why watch from the sidelines when you can enter the action yourself, with simulation games? If you were a fan of SimCity on the Mac or any of its spin-offs on various consoles, then you'll love our favorite free simulation games for Android.

Free Simulation Games for Android FAQs

What is a simulation game?... Read More »

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OK. Who Wants To Blow Up a Kitten?

Explode a kitten, attempt to control an unruly empire -- even challenge Finn and Jake to an "Adventure Time" card game. The best Android card games are much more than blackjack and poker.

Paid Card Games for Android FAQS

Where are the paid casino apps? Android's casino apps span Vegas-style games, such as slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and bingo. Almost all of them, however, are free-to-play, and come... Read More »

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