Top software trends of 2016

Well, that was an odd year. We got a very public lesson in why it's important to keep online communications secure; we went outside to toss Poke Balls at augmented-reality pocket monsters; and we asked inanimate objects in our homes for assistance. Here are the software trends of 2016 that we found intriguing, important, or entertaining.

Streaming services put cable TV on notice

Cutting the cord keeps getting easier and more attractive. When PlayStation Vue launched in March... Read More »

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Streaming music and video you can enjoy offline

Netflix recently -- and just in time for your holiday travels -- added the ability to download movies and shows to your phone or tablet. It's not the first streaming service to offer offline viewing, for those times when you don't have Wi-Fi and don't want to blow through your data limits. The following apps let you watch and listen offline, so you can catch up on Luke Cage, watch Kung Fu Panda 3, experience the latest Lady Gaga album,... Read More »

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Share music over Spotify

Word of mouth is still the best way to discover new music, and Spotify offers many means for you to find and share your favorites. You can evangelize artists, songs, albums, and playlists on Spotify by posting them publicly or by sharing to a friend's Spotify inbox.

How to share music with followers on Spotify

On a Mac, click Share and then Post to Followers. Now you and your followers will see this info under Activity in the left... Read More »

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How to watch the Democratic National Convention

The Democrats are throwing out the welcome mat this week in Philadelphia, when they hold their Democratic National Convention (DNC) from July 25 to 28. Now that Bernie Sanders has pledged support for Hillary Clinton, there's no more mystery about who's the presumptive Democratic nominee, but there are still plenty of issues to air. The party is making it easy to follow its nomination proceedings live, from your TV to anywhere you can find an Internet... Read More »

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How to follow the Republican National Convention

Sure, you can catch the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) live on TV when the GOP takes over Cleveland from July 18 to 21. But with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump sharing so much on Twitter and Facebook, the real action may be online.

RNC planners say they will focus on giving their digital and social channels a much bigger role. "There has never been a digital operation built quite like this one for a convention," said Audrey... Read More »

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Get Amazon Prime Video for $9 a month

Internet retail giant Amazon announced yesterday that its Amazon Prime Video streaming service will be available separately from Amazon Prime itself, for $9 per month, starting today. (Annual subscribers must be logged out to see the new offer page.) That's a dollar less than a monthly Netflix subscription.

Amazon also announced a month-to-month option for Prime, at $11 per month. Annual subscriptions are still available for $99 per year, with all the previous features, including the video streaming service.

Disable... Read More »

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A cord-cutter's guide to watching the Super Bowl

From its humble origins as a championship game in 1967, the Super Bowl has come to be one of the most-watched events of the year, every year. Even if you're not into sports, the Super Bowl is a big social event. Super Bowl 50 falls on February 7 this year, and however you plan to enjoy the game, it's good to have multiple ways to watch, in case you encounter technical difficulties. So let's talk about all the ways you... Read More »

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Favorite apps and services of 2015

Tech junkiedom can be an expensive business, since we're always eager to try new things as soon as they're available, instead of waiting patiently for discounts. But I noticed as I gathered this list of personal favorites for 2015 that these apps and services reduce my costs, bundle one thing into another, or both. Maybe my subconcious is trying to tell me something, but I've improved my quality of life (and the heft of my wallet) with regard to my... Read More »

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2015 trends: The video-streaming revolution

For a number of years, the Internet, games, and apps have been eroding the amount of time people spend watching TV, or at least watching TV on a TV. Live sports remains strong, with the Super Bowl still producing record viewership numbers every year. But everything else has taken a hit as more people cut the cord or choose to watch shows and videos online, on streaming sites, and in apps. In fact, 2015 marked the first time that apps beat TV on time spent:... Read More »

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Chrome extension turns YouTube into your own personal radio station

There is no shortage of Internet radio services. From freeware like Pandora and Rdio to premium services like Spotify and Google Music, you can listen to all the songs you want, when you want them. Streamus allows you to search for songs by tapping into the world's largest music database, YouTube.

Just download and install the extension and start listening to your favorite tune. You can search directly from the Omnibox (the address/search... Read More »

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