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Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow year over year. In fact, mobile games have recently surpassed both PC and console games in popularity. Mobile apps aren't just playable on-the-go -- they're also more affordable and often free. Even better, most are ready to play on the phone or tablet you already have, without the need for expensive consoles or additional accessories. But with so many new game releases, how can you tell the... Read More »

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The best mobile games of 2016

Did you catch them all this year? You may have had trouble keeping track of all the new games in 2016, because mobile gaming is booming -- more than 250,000 new titles hit iTunes this year, and games are consistently some of the top app store downloads for both Android and iOS. We've narrowed the playing field down to our top 5: the mobile games you definitely shouldn't miss this year.

Note: Android users may... Read More »

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Running Windows games smoothly

About Windows games

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular platforms in the world for playing video games. However, the sheer variety of Windows PCs, and the complexity of Windows itself, can create technical problems and generate a lot of questions about which games you can play.

Windows Games FAQs

Wondering if... Read More »

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Facebook Messenger goes retro with Instant Games

Facebook just introduced Instant Games to Facebook Messenger, so now you can play a variety of games inside conversations on newer Android and iOS devices. In addition to current games, you'll find retro arcade favorites like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Galaga, Track & Field 100M, Arkanoid, and Bust-a-Move Blitz. While the games look a lot like they did decades ago, you now control the gameplay with swipes and taps.

What makes the games instant? They're built... Read More »

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The hottest games of winter

This time of year brings all kinds of reasons to stay in and play a video game, whether you prefer console or computer. As the nights grow longer, we'll be firing up the hottest games of the season: Here are the four you won't want to miss this month and next, three more coming at the top of 2017, and the holiday deals and discounts to watch for.

Dishonored 2 Release date: November... Read More »

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5 horror apps for Halloween

Try as we might, it's impossible to turn away from our darkest fears as Halloween creeps up -- the cold, gloomy nights; the zombies, vampires, and witches appearing at our doorsteps; the visions of masked Michael Myers in our heads. So face your fears dead on with some of the scariest mobile games out there.

Fear of zombies: Walking Dead: The Game (Android, iOS; Metacritic score)

If you suffer from kinemortophobia, or a fear of... Read More »

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Level up in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go wing of has been tirelessly trying various ways to level up our trainers. Here are the tactics that we are finding effective, which have (so far) jacked us up to level 20. (For tips on hunting Pokemon, see our guide for stalking pocket monsters.)

Lower levels: Gather supplies first, evolve later

Evolving Pokemon is a quick and efficient way to gain XP. But as tempting as it is to start evolving your Pokemon as soon as you... Read More »

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5 Pokemon Go alternatives

Like the augmented-reality concept of Pokemon Go but don't care to chase cute little pocket monsters? Plenty of other games use your phone's back camera lens and GPS to layer animated graphics onto live scenes around you. So if you've ready to face a fiercer challenge, here are five augmented-reality games to put you in the apocalyptic battle of your life.

Ingress (iOS, Android)

Four years before Niantic created Pokemon Go, the developers made augmented-reality game... Read More »

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Pokemon Go guide

Pokemon Go (Android, iOS) has become summer's smash-hit app, propelling teams of traditionally chair-bound gamers out to track and trap elusive little pocket monsters. If you're feeling left behind, not having paid attention to Pokemon since the late '90s, our quick guide will get you caught up.

What are Pokemon?

A Pokemon, short for "pocket monster," is a fictional animated creature that can be captured, raised, and used to fight duels. You, as the Pokemon Trainer, capture and train... Read More »

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5 puzzle games with a story

Apple handed out 12 Apple Design Awards last week as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and 3 of those winning apps were puzzle games: Lara Croft Go, Linum, and Dividr. Design matters in a mobile game, but style's not the only thing you're looking for: You want fun, the right amount of challenge, and a storyline that won't let you go. So we tested a pack of games to pick... Read More »

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