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Hackers want your personal information, and they have many ways to obtain it. Norton Identity Protection Elite provides extensive monitoring, alerts, and restoration services to help keep your identity safe.

For a limited time, when you buy a 1-year subscription to Norton Identity Protection Elite, you save $50 -- that's $149.99, or just $12.49 per month.


Every 2 seconds, another US resident falls victim to identity fraud.

Norton Identity Protection Elite offers 24/7 global surveillance of over 10,000 black-market forums and websites where illegal trading of stolen personal info happens. It also monitors your credits cards, bank accounts, and social security number for unauthorized use. If anything looks suspicious, you'll get an alert.

Identity recovery can take six months and 200 hours of work.

Restoring your identity after a theft of your personal info is a complicated process. If you're facing this struggle, Norton Identity Protection Elite gets you personal assistance from a certified restoration agent, who will stay on your case as long as it takes, making calls and taking action on your behalf.

Identity theft can cost you everything.

Norton Identity Theft Elite includes a restoration services guarantee for up to $1 million, including up to $10,000 in stolen funds replacement. Other qualifying expenses covered include lost wages, attorney fees, fraudulent withdrawals from a bank account, travel expenses and child/elderly care.

The only risk is not protecting yourself.

Over 50 million customers trust Norton with their digital security today, and you can try Norton Identity Protection Elite with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Protect the life you've built and keep your personal information safe and secure with Norton Identity Protection Elite, now $50 off for a limited time.

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