RadarSync auto-updates your drivers -- hassle free

RadarSync PC Updater 2013, an advanced driver scanner and updating tool, is now on sale for $13.98, exclusively through Download.com.

This week's deal is for the DIY troubleshooters and the home PC technicians. The most time-consuming task of updating any PC is finding the latest drivers for your hardware. Find the correct ones and you're good to go, but install the wrong set of drivers and you could find yourself staring at the BSOD, wondering which wrong life choices got you there. RadarSync hopes to remedy this problem with their latest version of PC Updater 2013.

Featuring an updated detection tool and user interface, RadarSync wants to take the guesswork out of driver updating. Just launch the program and it will scour your machine for installed devices, comparing and searching for the latest, up-to-date drivers. We found PC Updater 2013 to be particularly useful when it comes to reformatting your PC or updating older equipment (say Win XP to Win 7), where you may need to find many hard-to-find updated drivers. It can also be quite handy when you are troubleshooting software compatibility due to old hardware.


  • Custom scan identifies old drivers on your PC.
  • Updater automatically downloads & installs your updated Windows drivers.
  • Creates a Back-up of your drivers & Restores it later in just one click.
  • Schedule regular driver updates.
  • Saves you time and frustration, trying to hunt down the files.
  • Fixes driver-related problems: common computer problems such as crashes, system errors, and slowdown.

The back-up features keep you out of trouble in case something goes wrong. But we would still like to remind readers that when it comes to drivers -- if it's not broken, don't fix it. However, if you do need a fix, RadarSync PC Updater 2013, originally $19.95, is now just $13.98 -- a 30 percent discount. Try out the scanner for free in the Trial version (you can always update manually) before you buy.

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