Create high-quality digital videos with DivX Pro - limited offer from CNET

For 4 days only, save 50% off on DivX Pro for PC and Mac and easily create and convert video files to play on millions of DivX-certified devices. Now just $9.99 (orig.$19.99).

UPDATE June 28, 2011: This offer has now ended.

Happy Friday! As we start the summer here in San Francisco, we bring you yet another exclusive offer for CNET readers. For four days only, you can upgrade to DivX Pro for both PC and Mac at half of the price for just $9.99 (orig.$19.99).

DivX Pro provides an easy way to convert and customize your digital videos into high-quality, highly compressed videos formats, with an easy "one step" conversion to customize your video settings. You can limit your file size, remove audio tracks, and set your video bitrate, add subtitles, all in a few clicks of a button.

So, what's the key advantage of DivX video over other media formats? It's the ability to play your videos beyond your computer - DivX Converter lets you optimize digital video to be played on any computer or DivX Certified device, including DVD players, PlayStation 3, HDTVs and even mobile phones. Note that to play DivX Plus HD (.mkv) files on a DivX Certified device, your device will require DivX Plus HD certification.

Rated 4.5 stars by CNET, DivX Pro is available for both PC and Mac, but make sure you look over the subtle differences between the two versions:

  • DivX Converter and DivX Pro Codec for Mac only output .divx videos (up to DivX HD 1080p profile) and currently do not support the output of .mkv videos (DivX Plus HD profile) while DivX Plus Converter for Windows allows output to .mkv.
  • DivX Pro for Windows includes a seamless interface called "DivX To Go", which allows you to transfer media from your PC to DivX certified devices by allowing you to burn CD/DVD's or USB's. For the Mac version, you can still transfer to USB and playback on DivX devices, but there is no Transfer interface on the DivX Play for Mac just yet.

Your DivX Pro purchase unlocks everything you need to convert most digital video files into DivX videos, so they're no longer trapped on your computer. Take advantage of this exclusive offer from CNET and get your DivX Pro for half of the price at just $9.99. This offer expires Monday, June 27, 2011 at 11:59 PDT.

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